My Monday

Sometime’s I wish I can surgically remove my brain so I can have a day off.  I’d put it back in tomorrow.

My Dad cut the top off a pine tree in our front yard and put a pumpkin on its high stump.


Why?  I don’t know.  He’s my Dad and he does stuff like that.  He carved it himself and stuck a candle in it.  He would need a ladder getting it down, so I’m guessing the pumpkin will rot up there.

I looked up at that pumpkin today and thought to myself, if I can surgically remove my brain, that high stump would be the best place to put it.  Out of reach.

But since I can’t surgically remove my brain without cops, an ambulance and mental health professionals getting involved, I’ll settle on what I do best on days I don’t want to be bothered;  Go to the mall and pick up a new video game and swing by the food court for some “two meats one side” deal from one of the three asian food places that tempt me with bourbon chicken on a toothpick.

I bought Heavy Rain for the PS3 and been playing it all day.

And that is my Monday.  My day off.  And you know what?  It was awesome.

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