I have a book recommendation!

Omg I want to write so bad…

First on the agenda is to make a correction to my post The intergalactic supersonic weirdness of coincidence.  I Googled one word, Oasis, and a church in Cheshire popped up.  It popped up because Google uses my location.  There was nothing weird or coincidental about it.

It’s embarrassing that I didn’t know or even consider that Google uses my location.

Second thing I want to address is my new audiobook called The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown.  I’m only 30 minutes into it and let me just tell you, Hole-lee-shit.  She’s speaking from my heart.  Again, I find it incredible whenever I hear other people say exactly how I feel.

Clarity of thought, mindfulness, meditating on truth and heart – the Why.

When people can’t quantify something, they stop asking Why and instead ask What for?  When they can’t pin something down or control it, they flee.

Asking the question “Why” exposes your heart to others.  Getting hurt opens up the channel into wanting to know answers.

Oh man, it’s all stuff I already write about – stuff that I figured out without any books.

So anyway, I highly recommend it.  She’s the real deal.  And I’m very excited to sharpen my mind and clarity even more so by listening to this woman’s lectures.

Of course, there’s always the Law of Fives working its magic.  Making me hear things that I want to hear, things that I’m looking to hear.  How true can anyone’s perception be, really?

We can’t escape our box.

Lastly I want to announce that I finally bought a flat LED HDTV.

My Dad informed me today that Amazon is going to start charging tax.  Minutes after hearing this, I went and bought myself a 40 incher.

I wanted one for years, but I don’t spend money on “things”.  I spend money on experiences.  Dinner with friends, seeing plays, concerts, traveling and education – are more important to me than having stuff.

I’m nearing 34 years old and everything I own can be squeezed into one bedroom.

I wish I can write tonight, but I have to sleep.  I want to listen to the audiobook more, but I can’t without taking notes or being spurred by an incredible appetite to write.  When I listen to her, the craving to write is too undeniable.  It’s like being hooked on heroine – you can’t stop yourself from going any length for your next fix and that includes staying up until 5 a.m writing.

When I’m holding in a writers spell, that’s what it feels like.  Withdrawal.

But why?  Why do I need to write?  It’s not to be known.  It’s not to be famous.  It’s not to leave behind a legacy or make me feel big.  If this was true, I wouldn’t have spent 15 years writing in journals just so I can burn them all as I did three years ago.

I just want clarity and to know myself.

Last night I watched the first few video’s of my Camino trip and it hit me hard with the realization that I’m no one special.  But all anyone ever does is fool themselves into thinking they are.

You are you, that’s all.  And I’m only me.

Okay, I have to stop writing.


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2 responses to “I have a book recommendation!

  1. I think it is Eckhart who espouses being ordinary (in reference to your “I’m no one special”). I think the point he makes is that being ordinary quiets the ego. And it makes sense. Thinking one is extraordinary, special, above others, etc., just helps to prop up the ego.

    Enjoy your new purchase. Gotta love LED! 🙂

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