My Credit Card Number Was Stolen!

A few posts back I wrote about how I went online to sponsor a child from the Philippines.  That’s all well and good, but yesterday I got a call from the fraud department of my bank telling me someone in France and the Netherlands used my card to purchase plane tickets on Expedia.

This is just a heads up, but I think it may have been the website I used to sponsor the kid.  It’s a legitimate foundation, so it’s not them, but I’m guessing a hacker hacked into the sight and made a bogus payment page when people click on the sponsor button.

I’m 90% sure my number got stolen by them.

I’m just giving you guys a heads up.

Lol, I guess either way I’m still donating to charity, right?


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7 responses to “My Credit Card Number Was Stolen!

  1. Did you notify the organization through which you donated?

    I remember researching some sailboat yachts a few years ago. I went to Catalina’s website, a very legitimate site, and got hammered with some trojan horse viruses and malware. Completely destroyed my computer to the point where I had to reinstall the OS.

    After notifying them, they confessed (which was honorable) they had been hacked and some bogus scripts were running in the background.

    Good luck to you in ironing this out.

  2. Yacht man in dream only. Soon, very soon, I’ll be having me one of those thingies! 🙂

  3. Steph

    Holy crap that’s scary!

  4. smh@you…sorry about that my dear. I guess as

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