Stupid People

You always know when you’re talking to a stupid person because when you talk to them, it feels like you’re the only one listening.  It feels like you’re the only one in the room.  What I mean by stupid is, having no substance.

I don’t want to freak people out by writing this post.  Getting y’all paranoid with wondering whether or not you’re one of the stupid ones.  Here’s some reassurance for you; if you’re reading this post, you are definitely NOT stupid.

You have to know what I’m talking about though, right?  People that look straight through you?

Substance is love, love is awareness.  Hold that thought, I’ll get to that in a moment.

A dumb person of low intelligence can still have substance.  They may be dumb, but not stupid – you know what I mean?  A dumb person can have heart.  Like Forest Gump.

A stupid person having no substance is dumb squared.  They are an empty 3D optical illusion.  You think you’re talking to a real person, but nope.  Nobody’s home.

I want to pinpoint exactly why this is.  It’s important to know, because we all suffer from this to some degree.

Think shallow.  No depth.  But why?  Why are people so shallow?

In my analytical mind, it’s because they don’t know love.  They know ego love and need, but not real love.  They only know the love that addiction (attachment) provides.  They essentially love only their attachments.  The things that make them happy.

These addictions can be people, things, power, money, attention.  They prioritize these addictions giving added attention to those they need most.

When a person is only able to love themselves if they wear nice clothes or look pretty in the mirror, when they can only love themselves because they feel accomplished or better than the rest – all of this, is not real love.  There’s no depth, you get me?  It’s only addiction.  Only fear.  Inside they are hollow.

Like for instance, if a person dismisses you for your crooked teeth.  Let’s take a moment to look at that.

If a person dismisses you for your weight, birthmarks, sexual orientation, tattoo’s…etc, they are seeing things that don’t please them.  They see things they can’t love because their love comes from addiction, from ego.  They’re incapable of seeing outside themselves, and instead, see only things they want.  Things they need.  And if you don’t provide them with anything, you will be judged.  Judged for not fitting the mold that society bases your worth on – the same society they base their worth on.

You will be judged because you don’t measure up to the things that make them happy.  When society won’t accept you, they won’t accept you.

(When it comes to sexual attraction, well, that’s a whole ‘nother can of beans I won’t get into.)

It’s like a coin.  Two opposing sides.  It’s very hard to see what I’m saying if your perception is turned on the judgmental side.  It’s hard to know what I’m talking about if you haven’t experienced love yet.

As a result, a blank person happens.  Someone who chews gum with their mouth open.  Someone who spends their entire paycheck on stuff that makes them look and feel good.  Stuff that makes them feel accepted and “loved”.  Of course (I don’t want to get too into it), spending money on things that make you feel good is okay to do as long as you’re not basing your worth on the things you buy.

A blank person doesn’t know what real love is.  They only love the things that make them happy.  They don’t know compassion.

So when you talk to them, they’re not there.  They’re only waiting for that next rush of feeling, the next high – anything to stop the numbness, the emptiness.  The emptiness that comes with having no faith.  No heart.

“You’re nobody.  You’re not important enough to talk to.  What can I possibly gain by talking to you?  There’s nothing I want from you.”

According to karma, when you’re a blank to others because they’re not giving you what you need, you won’t get anything from anyone in return.

And these people are stupid!  They stop learning new things.  They stop being curious.  They are zombies living off validation from others.  And when they are cruel and dismissive, that’s just another tool they use for validation.

“Yes I can dismiss you because I’m better than you.”

This description is the worst possible degree of an egoic fear based perception.  At it’s worst, they can’t relate to anyone and when they can’t relate, they can’t understand, see, or experience.  And because we fear the unknown, our survival trumps compassion.

So what is this real love I’m referring to?

It happens when you put yourself aside and see the humanity and worth in others.  When you can recognize yourself in them.  It’s all about compassion.  Compassion is what ties us together.  Being in the present moment with someone can aid you into this discovery.

Having children let’s you experience this compassion.  It let’s you see what’s important verses what isn’t.  It’s a vision into seeing what’s real.

The love most of us are familiar with is the love built on need.  Back in the day this made sense.  It took at least two (if not more) people to survive, and their children were an investment to ensure their survival into old age.

We are slowly evolving away from this need.  We are embarking on a new era of independence.  Our mass consciousness that creates this world is forming a new one with unlimited opportunities and potential.   People are beginning to wake up.

People asleep don’t know they’re asleep.  They have no perception outside their own – which is completely true for everyone.

How can I prove this?

Relationships are an excellent way into discovering your degree of ego/fear.  If the person you’re with doesn’t love you the way you want to be loved, fear and attachment arises.  You judge your mate for not providing you what you need.  You are essentially living in only seeing yourself.

There are so many questions and points you can bring up to argue what I’m saying.

“He doesn’t show me affection, he’s cold towards me, I’m losing him.  How can you say what I’m feeling isn’t valid?”

Hold on, I’ll tell you!  There are answers!  What you’re feeling is totally valid, but allow me to tell you a secret, if I may be so bold.

You can’t understand what I’m saying if you’re living on the “fear” side of the coin.  The fear side only let’s you see yourself, not others.  The fear side is seeing out of the eyes of the black wolf – the wolf that doesn’t fight for equality, but for entitlement, resentment and greed.

The secret is hard to put into words because anything having to do with shifting perception is often visually experienced, not intellectualized.

The secret is that you must put yourself aside and see him.  I mean really see him.  When you do this, you are living in the present moment of awareness.  The reality around you becomes crisp and in focus when you put yourself aside to truly see others.  And in return, you will truly see yourself.  You stop connecting with him out of the ways you want to be loved, and instead, connect with him on ways he wants to be loved.

And in accordance with the laws of karma, in return you will be loved exactly how you want to be loved.

Take yourself out of the equation so you can see everything clearly.  What’s a good analogy for this?

When you’re responsible for the life of a baby, you intuitively take yourself out of the equation so you can clearly see the needs of your child.  And if you get really good at this, you can intuit what the baby needs.  And in return, your baby will love you and devote themselves to you.  That is of course, until the day comes when they’re older and you start judging them for not providing you with the love you want/deserve.

It’s cyclical, you see?

You still don’t see?

“But I’m dealing with a grown man, not a child!  Why should I sacrifice myself for a grown baby?”

This brings me back to the beginning.  People ARE stupid!  When you take yourself out of the equation, see the apparent ways of how your significant other wants to be loved and treated, you’ll see his ego needs and shallowness.  Instead of feeling hurt and blaming yourself, you empower yourself.

The question you have to ask yourself is, do you truly care about this person?  Or are you using him for your own attachment to filling a void?  When you start seeing him clearly for who he is, you can let go.  You place yourself on the opposing side of the coin.  The white wolf side of the coin has no attachments.

It’s so hard to do, so hard to explain and yes, it take practice, mindfulness, and focus.  It can take years to evolve and grow into awareness.

When you truly care for someone that goes beyond filling your void, you learn to accept him or her for who they are.  It’s like accepting family members who continuously torment you.  And no, don’t ever sacrifice yourself.  Just be aware of what’s really happening.  People ARE idiots.

When a baby grows up and starts screaming for attention, purposely going out of their way to torment you when they don’t get their way, what do you do?  You don’t reward their bad behavior by giving them whatever they want.  No, you discipline them and teach them right from wrong.

But this is the opposite of what we actually do.  We reward bad behavior because we get attached to people.  And because we only see ourselves and how we want to be treated, we give people whatever they ask for because that is how us grown “adults” want to be treated.  We are attached, and so wish the other person to be as well.

And yes, some parents reward bad behavior because they grown dependent on their kids.  Either that, or they take the easy way out.

“Well, he’ll always love me if I keep buying him stuff.”

And sometimes this works.  Entire marriages can be based on codependency.  In fact, most of them are!  It’s living in a dream, not reality.  The dream of attachment, survival, judgement and conditional love.  Love that you believe is real.  This type of love and attachment is blinding.

Suffering and pain cuts open a channel in your heart to force you into asking the question; Why?.

“Why” is God.  Curiosity is the cord connecting you to awareness.  Being in pain and getting it out, makes room inside to let truth and love in.  But it becomes a constant battle between the dark and light wolves.  That’s where people are today.  Battling their demons.

Battling attachments, letting go, having faith.  That’s where we are in present day society.

It’s all in the seeing, that’s why it’s so hard to explain.  You have to teach yourself how to see.  The trick is to step out of yourself and be in the present environment of the moment.  Feel it out.  Relate to people on their mode of understanding.  Once you step out of yourself, you can achieve this.  And once you achieve it, you can plainly see how stupid people really are.  But you also see their beauty and potential.  The stuff that really matters.

I know I sound mean and that I’m being the judgmental discriminating one, but it’s compassion that opens up the window into seeing.  If you’re not compassionate and don’t truly care for people, you will never see out of this window and continue to see only yourself.

The people of substance know all this to some degree.  That’s why when you’re with them, it’s as if they know exactly who you are – they see exactly who you are.  And if they see the best in you, you become attached to how they see you – what they believe about you.  And well, you know the rest.

I know it’s hard to wrap your head around all that, trust me, I know.

Okay, I think I’m done now.

I got all this from a few clients I massaged.

People are stupid…

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