My Attempt At Saving the World

I paid off my Amazon bill yesterday.  It was up to $800 and I paid it all off in full.  Bye, bye $800, but I still have money to fart around with.  So I bought myself $40 worth of electronic cigarette fluid.

That’s when I remembered another goal of mine for this year.  It’s been my goal since high school, only, I was too broke and/or selfish to commit to it.  And that goal is to sponsor a kid from Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador or wherever.

Last year I spent hours pouring over the best children’s foundation to donate my money to because some of them (not all), are scams.  They’re either scams, or the kid you’re trying to sponsor ends up getting a dollar out of your invested $30.

Finally I settled on The Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.  It got the highest ratings and claims that 93.6% of all donations goes straight into the hands of the families in need.

So last night, after shopping for cigarette fluid, I shopped for a kid (wrong words, I know).  But they had aging adults that need help too!

I have an overwhelming compassion for the elderly.  They can treat me like shit (which some of them did when I worked as a dietary aide at an old folks home), and I don’t care.  I STILL love them.  In fact, the more they treat me like shit only makes me want to hug them tighter!  But I won’t, cause that’s condescending and will only make them angry.

But what about the helpless children?  And what about the youths having to prostitute themselves to feed their family?

I read profile after profile – spending at least an hour if not more when I finally said screw it, and clicked the “Select Someone For Me” button.

Here’s the little guy they placed me with:


Terence loves going to school and playing with his friends. He’s obedient and helpful. He goes out to fetch water for cooking rice. His father died several years ago. Terence, his mother and three older sisters live together in a bamboo hut that’s situated in a mountainous area. His eldest sister has two children that also stay with the family. Terence’s mother is a farmer, working in the fields when jobs are available. Sometimes, she also helps with making soft brooms to sell.

In the Philippines, $30 a month is equivalent to an educated persons monthly salary.  This little dude is going to be his family’s bread winner.

But what about all the others?  All those pleading faces?

Find a child to sponsor

If you click on the picture above, you’ll be directed to a random child or elderly that needs assistance.  If you believe in synchronicity, than it’s really not random at all.  Go ahead, you know you want to…

While I was massaging today, an idea came to me out of nowhere.  If I can get my clients to sponsor a child, I’ll knock $30 off their massage if they see me monthly.  Essentially, I’ll be paying my clients to sponsor children (or elderly) if they agree to get a massage by me once a month.  They can pay me monthly, or get a package deal.  I thought about it, and it would be in my benefit if the massages roll over month to month, but expire one year after signing the contract (which means I need to write up a contract).

And I didn’t stop there, I will put up a bulletin board and pin up all the children (or elderly) that my clients sponsor.  With the right marketing, that board will fill up fast.  Will I lose money doing this?  Maybe.  I really don’t know nor do I care.  Think of all the lives I can help, if not SAVE!

And if my idea is as awesome as I believe it is, maybe it will catch on with other business owners?  Imagine if everybody did this?!  Hair salons, therapists of any sort, restaurants, retailers, colleges knocking down tuition payments, food distributors, mortgage company’s….

People sign into a special add-on agreement.  They agree to sponsor a child, and the company they’re signing with will agree to compensate for their generosity.  Like a retailer can have a page on their website of discounted goods that their participants can choose from every month.  Restaurants can offer a special free meal once a month that doesn’t cost that much to make.

It might sound unrealistic, crazy even, I know.  But all the company’s that participate can put a special logo next to their original logo that show’s they donate to this special cause.  And if the logo catches on, where would you rather eat?  The place that makes charitable contributions or the one that doesn’t?  Where would you rather shop?  What mortgage company looks like they’re on the side of the people?

There will be one charity that oversee’s all this, preferably the Christian Foundation.  After sponsoring a kid, you can choose from one of the list of company’s participating in the cause.  You can choose to opt out of that company and transfer to another without interrupting donations to the kid you’re sponsoring.

I can picture it all in my head.  It’s so perfect.

Okay, so anyway….That’s on my to-do list.  To set my clients up with sponsoring a kid.  I feel like I’m one small person who can save the lives of many.  First I had to save myself.

Two years ago I never would’ve thought of this.  I wasn’t strong enough, able enough, or big enough.

You have to save yourself before you can help others.  And that’s why this idea won’t work for most businesses.


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2 responses to “My Attempt At Saving the World

  1. I’ve come to realize that as well. There are a lot of kind hearts out there, but these hearts need to save themselves first. Then they can save the world (or a piece of it).

    A lesson I should have learned at a young age.

    Kudos to you for doing what you did.

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