The Intergalactic Supersonic Weirdness of Coincidence

Ready Player One

Ready Player One (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Holy shit!  Okay, this is nuts, completely off the wall NUTS!  I know I should be focusing on my book right now, but I can’t pass up writing about this.

First off, I went to a renaissance fair earlier today.  One that I haven’t been to before.  It was a gorgeous day and stellar people accompanied me, one of whom pointed out that my favorite tarot reader was there.

I only went to see this woman once, two years ago, but it effected the entire course of my life.  What she told me two years ago, was mostly negative (if not all).  She said I will be faced with being the odd-man out (hanging man card), I will succumb to my addictions if I don’t face them, and I have to confront my fear of not feeling loved by others. She basically predicted everything, all my suffering, telling me that the next few years will be hard.

She also told me the answer, the one thing that can cure my suffering:  “To find enlightenment in knowing that Love and Acceptance are at my core being.”

(I wrote about this day here.  That’s how I remember what she said.)

She must have used the word enlightenment because back then, that wasn’t used in my everyday vocabulary.  And I remember thinking, “how the hell am I going to pull that one off?”

I had no experience of feeling or believing in this elusory core containing all that I need.  I couldn’t fathom it.  And here I am two years later, and I embody it almost completely.  Or, somewhat embody it at least.

Two freaking years ago!  When I think back on it, how everything ties in, I want to poop my pants.  I have evolved and became stronger.

I was very nervous this time around because I knew she was the real deal.  I sat across from her and twirled the clock back two years ago.  The setting was the same, same decor and tapestries.  She wore the same outfit and pirate hat.

I don’t want to spend too much time writing about my new reading, only to say that it was spectacular.  Every card – EVERY CARD!  Was positive and immense.  I studied tarot reading about a year and a half ago, and I still remember to this very day what the cards mean.  I was secretly reading them along with her.

Even The Wise Woman, the tarot reader, was astounded at all the positive cards coming up.  There was no Devil, no falling tower, no hanging man, none of that what-so-ever.

In tarot cards, there are many negative cards (of course any knowledgeable reader will tell you that even negative cards have a silver lining) and the chances of a few popping up are very high when using the law of probability and chance.  They should pop up.  But no, not this time.

“You have a great set of cards here.”  She said as she stared down at them halfway through the reading.  “A great foundation to build from.”

I already knew that.  When she laid down a card from her oily 15-year-old deck, I knew what it meant and then I listened to her own depiction of it.

“Yes, that makes sense.”  I’d say after she intuited what I already knew about the card and how it pertained to me.

My heart was bursting.  I wanted so badly to hear something about my book.

She let me videotape the session which lasted a little over 10 minutes.  That’s why I’m not worried about recording every last detail here in my blog – I have it all on video.  I didn’t ask permission if I could include it in my blog, however, so to be a good mindful person, I’ll leave it out.

I WILL watch it over and over just to let it all sink in.

Anyway, so yeah, that happened….

After the fair, I immediately drove home to work on my book.  On my ride home, I listened to an audiobook called “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline.  It’s awesome to say the least.  All about video games and the 1980’s culture.

So when I finally got home after an hour drive, I couldn’t stop listening to the book.  I was hooked.  I burned some incense that I purchased at the fair, ate some eggs, and laid in bed listening to the book.

“This will help me become a better writer.”  I thought.  “I’m having fun, relaxing and I’m still being productive towards my goal.”  Was my logic, and still is.

The main idea of the book is a virtual reality game system used by everyone worldwide.  The virtual game system is called Oasis, although, I’m not 100% sure of the spelling because it’s an audiobook.

I paused the book and Googled “Oasis” to see if people are working on a similar gaming system in real life.  I love the idea of it.  It’s World of Warcraft in 3D.

Anyway, this is where the intergalactic, supersonic weirdness happens.  I typed in Oasis, hit the search button, and right there on the first page was my hometown.

“Huh, that’s weird.  Maybe they mean Cheshire, England?  Or the Cheshire cat from Alice in wonderland?”

I clicked the link.

Okay, now I HAVE to check this out.  I have no choice.  I mean come on now, what are the chances?  Out of all the continents, out of all the countries, states, towns, and churches, it lands in my hometown.  If it landed in any other town, even if it was only one town away, let’s say Meriden, I wouldn’t care.  I wouldn’t be impressed or amazed and I wouldn’t bother checking it out.  I’d just say, “huh that’s really cool.  What are the chances?”  And then go about my business as if nothing happened.

But I mean, this is just weird.  Isn’t it?  And even in the book itself, it mentions Cheshire several times.  Only, not as a town, but to describe a boys face.  “He has a Cheshire cat smile.”  At least twice I heard it mentioned in the book.

A similar thing happened when I was looking up ayahuasca retreats.  I clicked on the first link that stood out, and booked my trip that same day with the first and only retreat I looked up and was on a plane weeks later to Colombia, South America.  A trip that changed my life.  A trip I couldn’t monetarily afford.  A trip containing a group of people that will remain in my life forever.


Yep.  I’m going to check it out and see what it’s about.  It’s no coincidence that it’s here in my town, just like it was no coincidence that I chose that particular ayahuasca retreat.  I’ve been wanting to attend church anyway for the longest time, I just had nothing kicking me in the ass to do it.

Am I making a big deal out of nothing?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  It probably sounds like it on your end.

Anyway, back to the tarot reader.  After the reading was over, she asked if I had any questions and so I asked her about my book.  If it will be published.

“You’ll have to self-publish.  That would be best for you.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love this lady, but some of her decipherings were a little off.  All the cards have multiple meanings, and I watched her pull up her knowledge in remembering the meanings of certain cards, but it wasn’t always accurate.  I squinted in my head thinking, “Oh she’s so close.”

I understood her train of thought and why she read them as she did.  And she really is the real deal – she even mentioned how overly sentimental I am!  She told me not to get too caught up and wallow in it.  It’s not being in the flow of water, but in a stagnant part of the pool.

“You’re so right!”

(In this post I wrote a few weeks back about how insanely sentimental I am.)

She also described the guy I’m seeing.  He was clearly in the cards without question.

She hit the head so many times, but wavered on some.  And the times she wavered, I knew why.

So maybe this is one of the times she wavered?  About having to self-publish my book?  She did have to think about it.  I could tell the difference between intuiting answers and thinking about them.  The odd’s are always in favor of having to self-publish.  She know’s that, everybody know’s that.

I need to get back to my audiobook.  This post is a hellova lot longer than I expected and I didn’t even feel like writing in the first place.

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