My Two Seconds of Enlightenment


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Last night before falling asleep, I hit enlightenment for 2 seconds.  I was listening to my audiobook, and it was mentioning all the things that us human animals accomplished.  They emphasized  the fact that we are merely animals.

I zoned in on his words, focusing on them with the intent of understanding what we, as a human race, are capable of.  And that’s when it happened.  All that I wrote in my last post, I experienced.  And it lasted for two seconds.

I experienced nothingness.  It helped that I was falling to sleep at the time, but I wasn’t asleep yet.

The minute it hit, my head felt the sensation of falling and my heart dropped.  I experienced it in my body as well as my mind.

Here is my train of thought that brought me into enlightenment:

My audiobook talked about how we landed on the moon and I thought, “why the moon?  What made us want to go there?  What gave us that idea?”  I searched for a reason and meditated on these questions.

The answer came to me as a box.  We are living inside a box and inside this box has all the idea’s, all the things we know to be true, and all that we’re interested in.  We gain new idea’s from what’s already inside the box.

Meditating on this, I unconsciously tilled the soil for enlightenment to sprout.  And then it happened.

Motivational speakers always talk about thinking outside the box.  Creative artists create things using the box as their tool – what hasn’t been done yet, they set out to accomplish.

However, according to my enlightenment of last night, there IS no box.  There is nothing.  And that’s when my heart dropped and my head fell.

I experienced nothingness.  There is no box.  And with that understanding, I felt nothing but limitless potential.  There was no up or down, east from west, no ultimate truth.  There was no knowledge of anything inside the box because the box simply wasn’t there.  I was completely empty.

And it lasted for 2 seconds.  It went away as soon as I said to myself, “holy shit it’s happening!  Am I sleeping?”  Then I was back in my room.   I started hearing my audiobook again because before I couldn’t hear anything.

I’m baffled by those who can sustain enlightenment.  I can’t fathom any way this can be done.  Ayahuasca told me this.  She said the physical world will always bring us back.

My rational mind wants to chalk it up as being nothing but a mind trick.  Like hypnosis.  Or that maybe I really was asleep.

Anyway, I really need to start focusing on my book.  I’ve been putting it off for days and days, using being “busy” as an excuse.

So, until we meet again blog……hang in there buddy.


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12 responses to “My Two Seconds of Enlightenment

  1. Ava

    Before my inevitable knee jerk reaction of exclaiming in my head “OMG I’m THERE!” is even finished being formed, I no longer am. But we keep trying. Remember, everything after the words “I am” is a lie. xoxo

    • Ha ha yeah it’s true! I must meditate on this and try to fully understand it. I remember having understood it one day, but I lost it. I bought a little book on Amazon that got 5 stars and only cost 99 cents, and in it was exactly that. Anything after “I am”, is a lie.

  2. I remember seeing a response to the box statement. It went something like “Think outside the box,” and the response was “what box?”


    I can relate to the “almost asleep” state where the mind begins to empty and there’s that moment where I don’t know where I am or if I’m actually asleep. And, like you, I immediately come out of it with wonder.

    And I only somewhat agree with “everything after the ‘I am’ is a lie.”

    If our minds are on the whole and truth, then what comes after “I am” must be true. And that truth can help guide our thoughts and being. But, in a typical day with our typical knee-jerk thoughts, yes, everything after the “I am” is a lie.

    • That’s great that another person understands that whole box analogy! It was the first time I felt completely empty and my mind tried to decipher what it was feeling and a box popped into my head out of nowhere. It gives me the chills thinking about it. My mind intuitively made a koan for itself to understand what was happening.

      I can’t wrap my head around “everything after “I am” is a lie. Hold on, I’m going to find that little book…
      The book is called Who Am I? The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. It’s hard to understand and I had to meditate on how he described it. It didn’t bring me into enlightenment, but I understood it intellectually for like, a minute before it was gone from me again. I think it might be a paradox.

      It sounds like our thoughts about ourselves are the lie, like you’re saying. And our God self has no thought. Arg, so confusing.

      • I put that book on my “to get” list.

        I think it’s great you had that experience.

        Did you ever see the movie with John Travolta, Phenomenon? There’s one line in there where he tells the doctor (who wants to take his brain for study) that “I just might represent what we all could be” (a bad paraphrase).

        The mind is an incredible piece of work. The more we become aware, the closer we get to that thing called truth. As Tolle recommends on how to “get there,” first kill the ego.

        • Exactly! The first time I killed my ego was at a spiritual retreat where a shaman preformed an ayahuasca ceremony on us. This lasted 9 hours and I was able to step out of my ego and look at it for what it really was.

          This is the one and only time I came out of my ego and seen it.

          I learned that the ego is part of this physical dimension and our physical bodies. It’s a tool for us to become aware. If we had no ego, we wouldn’t be aware of awareness itself.

          But it’s totally true. Ego is a very big and real thing and I never knew exactly what it was until I saw it that one time. I doubt it can happen again without drinking ayahuasca.

          I love the movie Phenomenon. Every single one of us is capable of enlightenment. There are no special people. We are all the same.

          • I don’t think I’ve ever killed my ego (that would be cool), but I certainly police it quite often (though not 24/7…or even close to that). It is easy to recognize when it’s rearing its ugly head.

            I just started Tolle’s book, A New Earth. So far, it’s all about ego (but so wasn’t his Power of Now, mostly).

            I recently watched Sacred Science (Google it if you’re not familiar with it). They had taken ayahuasca one evening. Not knowing what it was, I looked at what the people were doing and thought, gee, it looks like they’re tripping!

            Yes. We’re all the same. But it’s only a small percentage of the world population that has a greater sense of awareness than others. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone lived like that? Crime would not exist, only love.

            • I’m on amazon right now about to rent Sacred Science. It looks pretty cool. The thing to know about ayahuasca is that it can’t cure anything, but it tells you how to cure yourself. It shows what you have to let go of, and this process can take a lot of time.

              I used to listen to Eckhart Tolle years ago before I ventured onto my spiritual path, and I couldn’t understand anything the guy was talking about, but now I do.

              I can’t remember exactly what it was like stepping out of my ego. It’s was so bizarre. The best way to describe it is like stepping out of the matrix and into reality. It was telling me that I’m loved and there’s nothing to ever be afraid of, not even death. Then it went on to tell me that ALL fear stems from the fear of death. Fearful people base all their decisions from their fear of death, but they are unaware of this fear. Then I asked how to conquer this fear, and it told me faith conquers all fear.

              I would never think that all fear comes from the fear of death, I still have trouble believing it. But that’s what it told me. I never even heard of it before then. I’m going to google it.

              Ah, anyway, I can write on and on about this stuff. That’s why I want to write a book.

              • Perhaps it’s the “fear of death of the ego,” as Tolle says, rather than the physical body. The ego really doesn’t want to die. That’s an ongoing battle, the inner truth and the ego.

                The mind is fascinating in all its complexities. And I truly believe in what Napoleon Hill wrote, “what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” whether it’s health, love, success or anything else in this physical world.

                Let me know what you think of the movie. And if you haven’t seen this Gregg Braden video, check it out on Youtube (watch?v=VuW7e1yCVvc). It will set you back almost four hours, but I found it worth it.

                Enjoy your day!

                • OMG that’s right! I wrote about that same thing a while back about fear of death of the ego, I completely forgot about it. I forgot what post it’s written in. Tolle is spot on with that one.

                  I watched Sacred Science and it was good. The shaman hit home on a lot of points. I’ll check out that Gregg Braden video, thanks for recommending awesome movies!

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