Chapter Two. Boom. Done.

It’s happening.  My book.  My book is happening!

I painstakingly finished writing the first chapter yesterday and sent it to my friend Stephanie to read.  She loved it and wanted more.

What I want most from my imagination is to be able to write fast with my heart pumping.  Not being able to catch up to the idea’s in my head.

And for whatever reason, I know what this feels like.  It can only happen when writing fiction.  When the world you’re creating is so real, the characters and situations are felt, materialized, digested, the vision of this fictitious world is shown to you, not created, but shown.

How do I know what this feels like?  It’s imprinted in me.  Why?

Writing my first chapter was far from this.  However, writing my second chapter, I felt the vision rising.  And guess what?  It’s also about letting go!  Letting go and trusting.

It’s hard to explain.  It’s about letting go so the story can tell itself.  You’re reading the story just as much as an actual reader is.

It’s fun.  It’s actually freaking fun.

I have to go to sleep.  It’s already midnight.

I’ve decided that once I finish, I’m going to join a writers meet-up group so we can go over my writing together.  My Dad said that the best way to improve myself is by talking to someone who’s smarter than me.  That can’t be too hard, right?  I also want to draw illustrations for each chapter.  I might as well use all my talents while I’m at it.

My mind is putty tonight.  I don’t want to work tomorrow.

I didn’t fully let go tonight while writing, but I sensed its presence.  Unfortunately I’m far from letting go completely.  And my writing skills still suck.  Mumpy Slobbergobs drooled all over my keyboard tonight.


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6 responses to “Chapter Two. Boom. Done.

  1. Steph

    Woo hoo!!!!! Send it to me? :):)

    • Yeah I will. It’s really short and I finished it last night when I was sleepy. I’m going to go over it today to see if I can add more to it and then I’ll send it.

  2. Awesome, awesome. Keep pounding on those keys. One thing I suggest, something that really helped me, is to keep a log of your word count. Just the start and stop times and the words you wrote. Do it every time you write. It’s very handy information to have.

    • Thanks Shawn for the tip. I’m using Scrivener for writing my chapters and it does that for me. It’s a big help. Without it my chapters would only be 500 words.

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