How to Create With Your Thoughts, The Scientific Power of Thought, and The Subconscious Mind

I just went on YouTube to look at motorcycles for my cross-country trip and stumbled on this guy:

I never seen his video’s before, never heard of him until now – but man oh man…..

He’s saying my exact thoughts!  Everything that I’m learning, he’s states everything so clearly and simply.  So obviously!

Whenever I hear my own thoughts being told by another, it feels like lightening bolts in my chest.  It gives me chills.  I actually didn’t watch the entire video yet, I had to stop it when he started talking about the power of now.

“We harness our thoughts when we begin tapping into the power of now.  When we begin living in the present moment.  When we are following our hearts space, when we are opening our heart space….”

That’s when my left leg got goosebumps and I felt like I had to pee.  I paused it and came over here to share.

When I write, I follow my thoughts.  My thoughts flow out from my heart (or somewhere).  If everyone did this, would we all be directed to the same wisdom?  The same knowledge?

How’s it possible that so many people from all around the world are directed to the same insights?  How’s it possible?!  Really, I want to know.

Every awakened individual you meet all share the same wisdom.  Regardless of culture, religion, or language.  They don’t read the same books or listen to the same gurus, priests, rabbis…etc.  It’s not a religion with it’s own scriptures or guidelines to follow.

These people don’t know each other and have nothing in common.

I use my super-ego intelligence, the right hemisphere of my brain to decipher what I feel in my heart.  I try to be simple and clear when I do this.  And with each go-around, I feel myself getting sharper.  My mind getting clearer and more precise until it peaks at optimal clarity and then crumbles apart when I start congratulating myself.

“Damn, I thought I had it for good that time…”

I repeat many things here in my blog, but with each time I repeat myself, the wisdom grows deeper and broader.  I’m able to see more of it.

The channel connecting my head to my heart digs deeper with each philosophical tangent I find myself spewing out into to the world.  Completely catches me by surprise every time it happens.

But as many of you know, I wasn’t always sharp.  I didn’t always have clarity, or went on philosophical tangents.  I was just a girl who wrote shit on the internet.

(I’m still that girl!)

I’m still an underachiever, super lazy, I’m not smart (please don’t argue with me on that) – but what I do have is a connection to something greater than myself.  And when we listen to speakers such as this man here in this video, it’s like we know everything he says already – we know it’s all true.

But how do we know?  That’s the question.  How do we ALL know?

And it baffles me that I found this guy now, when I’m hooked on finding and being in the present moment.  I was looking at motorcycles!

I bet he’s going to talk about fear next and then love.  How love connects us.

Yesterday when I was being in the present moment, love felt like the great stabilizer.  Love kept me from wondering off into the past or future.

When you open your heart and freely love the one you’re with, no matter who this person is, that love is what keeps you in the present moment.  It acts as an anchor.

I thought of that after I wrote my last post.  If he say’s anything about love connecting us to the present moment, I really am going to pee myself.

Damn, I really need to start writing my book.

Tomorrow.  I will start it tomorrow.  If you see large gaps of time between posts, it’s not because I’m neglecting my blog or that I don’t have anything new to write, it will be because I’m too busy writing my book.  It will be a good thing.


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14 responses to “How to Create With Your Thoughts, The Scientific Power of Thought, and The Subconscious Mind

  1. Wow. Who is this guy? I had to stop because there was so much goodness in this video, I needed to wait and come back to it at a time when I was prepared. btw, if you like this guy, search for Kute Blackson in YouTube…

    So excited to hear you are planning a motorcycle trip across the country — more documentary videos!! Yay!!! Read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance over the winter and please plan on including Northeast Wisconsin on your agenda — I’d love to meet you in our protein forms…

  2. Great post, Melanie.

    I’ve asked the same questions you have, particularly the “how do we all know” one. Ernest Holmes, in Science of Mind, states that there is only one mind in the Universe and we all share connections to that mind. Because of this connection, we have access to everything that’s in that “one mind” … much like information on a computer network.

    Interesting stuff, really.

    • That’s great to see they wrote a whole book on the subject. I’ll place it in my list of things to read. It’s like we are all connected to the internet in our heads. Maybe we are all evolving and connecting to it more frequently.

  3. Here’s some inspiration for your upcoming ride. Just the picture makes me want to turn the key on my bike!

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