Purposeful Writing

Whenever I go back to read old posts, I can easily spot the shitty ones.  Let’s be honest here, they’re everywhere and still pop up even to this day.

The shitty posts have no purpose.  Or, they started out purposeful, but ended in a garbled sludge of words.

I can spot these posts because I recognize when I’m not writing from my heart and only focusing on the end results.

While writing these posts, I became fixated on getting the reader to know who I am and how I think.  To accept and approve of me.

I did this by describing myself.  I did this by describing what I deem to be acceptable in myself, in others, and life in general.  I describe, latch on, and siphon any acceptance or approval that you, the reader, bestow on me.

Ask yourself;  “Am I really speaking from the heart?  Or am I only doing it to get a reaction?

Never describe yourself when you write.  It’s boring and narcissistic.  It keeps you on the super-ego fringe by focusing on people’s acceptance and understanding of you.  It makes you sound needy and superficial.  You are being needy and superficial when you feel it necessary to inform others on who you are.

If you write well, this will all be shown naturally.  It’s an add-on bonus, not the purpose.  Never focus on the end results.  Focus on the reason – focus on your intensions.

And they shouldn’t be to gain acceptance or approval.

Listen to it like listening to music.  We don’t listen to music so we can hear the end result, we listen to it with our hearts.  We listen to it in the moment.

The best way to learn who you are is by writing something for others to read.  That way you can see just how boring you really are.

Whatever is placed on the superficial fringe of ego, will inevitably be boring.  It’s not real, it doesn’t matter, and in doing so makes you sound completely unaware of yourself.

It’s not living in the moment, you know what I mean?  It’s creating an atmosphere that’s centered around yourself.

It’s like going on a date with a guy who talks incessantly about himself.  Or listening to a friend ramble on and on about frivolities that don’t matter.  And if their head was screwed on properly – should not matter to them either!

“Yes I know you don’t like that, yes I know you don’t approve of that, yes that’s a nice purse, yes the service is slow….”

When you describe things that you find acceptable or unacceptable, you are in essence, describing yourself.  You’re filling the void where your faith should be.  You don’t trust that you are enough and so you need others to fill you and tell you that yes, you are enough, yes your shoe’s are cute, yes I approve and accept you.  No, your earlobes are not too dangly.

It’s not in the moment, it’s not real.  It’s all fake and planned with subconscious intensions for gaining approval.  These people keep taking and taking.  It will never be enough.

“Yes I know you’re sad, I can see you’re doing your best, I know money is tight and see that you’re trying to make things work….”

The validation record plays on a loop.  Answers are never heard.  YOU are the problem and because the problem is you, only you can fix it.

Writing with purpose happens in the moment.  When what’s in your heart is in exact communion with what you write.  When your intensions aren’t to gain acceptance, praise or approval.  Or to showcase your talents, intelligence and astounding vernacular.

You don’t need any of that because you already have all the faith you need.  You know and accept who you are.  And when this is done correctly, leads to power and inspiration.  You start giving, rather than taking.

Living from the heart is always about giving.  You give to others by sharing your bottomless well of faith.  You give to others by being strong for them.  By accepting them without judgement.  You give by being kind, not nice.

Speak rightly when you write.  Speak rightly when you talk.  If you do this, no matter what you say, will always sound astounding and interesting.  I promise.

Now if only I can heed my own advice…


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13 responses to “Purposeful Writing

  1. Reblogged this on Todd Lohenry and commented:
    Do you follow Melanie’s Life Online? I love it…

  2. Ava

    “No longer a grasshopper, you are” xoxo

  3. That’s a writer for ya…sometimes we write in order to understand, not because we already do.

  4. Wow.. I’m Speechless nice choice of words you got there. 🙂
    Tnx for the comment i’ll do better

  5. Hmm..”living from the heart is always about giving” so true my dear. we lose the essence of whatsoever we do if we do it with a selfish or self-centered motive. Thanks dear, this is really nice. Bless your darling heart. peace&love.xo

    • Thanks Anu! It’s such a universal concept and easy to understand but when people hear simple statements like this, it’s like their minds breeze right over it. People don’t want to do it and so they don’t hear it.

  6. Thanks,you do know a lot, Love your post.. 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting! I miss my blog so damn much. It’s my whole life, literally. Now I’m just a sad drunk at a bar waiting for my friends in the bathroom. They’re back. I guess I should talk to them now.

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