The Secret Deciphered: Part Two (again)

The universe gobbled up this post and spat it out into a parallel dimension that needed it more than our own.  Everything happens for a reason, and so my dear friends, I give you a second revealing of this epic post.  

P.s:  Sorry to clutter up your inboxes with a duplicate post.


Apple gained their fame and success by utilizing a natural occurring pattern in nature called the Golden Circle.

TEC Golden Circle

They start every project with Why?  Working from the inside out.  The results are always clean, focused and precise.

I connect the What, How, and Why with Freud’s Id, Ego, and Superego.

Id is the Why – subconscious energies driving your ego.

Ego is the How – How to incorporate these energies into reality.

Superego is the What – The results.

Most people start with the results.  It’s great having a goal and all, but according to my post The Secret Deciphered: Part One, it’s more important to know why you want something, not how or what you’re going to get.

If you just stumbled on this post and are interested in deciphering The Secret, you should click here to read my first post on the subject.

I’m going to discuss limitations here in Part 2.  Limitations are created out of what you believe you can achieve.  In other words, your belief in yourself is proportionate to your limitations.  They’re two sides of the same coin.

That’s easy enough to understand, right?  Seems pretty simple – I’m stating the obvious here, but stay with me before my obvious observations bore you.  It gets better.

Beliefs are found in the Id, the Why center of the Golden Circle.  If you find your “Why” to be governed by fear,  you will have limited belief in yourself – if any.  And you stay afloat on the shallow surface of “What” (the superego).

You stay on the surface because you don’t want to confront your fears.  Nothing will ever transpire.

This is all very hard to explain, but try to stay with me.  Shits about to get deep up in here.

I know I sound like a broken record when I say these things, but you can only gain belief in yourself by doing something that scares you.  You end up gaining the courage needed to face your Id, the Why, and your fears.

Let’s fast-forward and pretend you found your courage and started believing in yourself – once that happens, all fear vanishes.  You unfold into your self.  Does that make sense?  That’s the best way to describe what I’m feeling – an unfolding into my self.  Like you become a citizen of your own world.  Not just a citizen, but the owner, the president and master.  The outside world can’t effect you because you are in a place of no limitation.  The outside world has no correlation to you.  You become like water, as Bruce Lee would say.

This is very hard to explain.  It’s something that can’t be taught, only felt.

And I feel very strongly that limitations are formed from having a lack of strength in overcoming negative influences.  Limitations are from the outside world, not from within.

What you believe you can achieve, sets your limitations.  But what sets your beliefs?

Beliefs originate from two very opposing sides:

External influences – anything outside of your self


Internal forces – your heart

You lack power whenever you let external influences shape your beliefs.  You have no strength or faith in yourself, and so you must be told what to believe.  You need to be told what to do because you’re scared of being judged and not being accepted.  Therefore, molding your limitations around fear.

As I stated previously in a past entry, if you’re scared of being judged and not accepted, it’s because you judge and don’t accept others.  You don’t accept them because you fear they will reject you.  And they reject you because they feel your fear and judgements.  Again with the karma.  You’re not ready to face your fears yet, and that’s okay!

When you are living wholly from your heart, beliefs become stable.  They are stable because there’s no external influences disturbing them.

When your beliefs are shaped by external forces, you become narcissistic.  Always needing and wanting.  But when you live from your heart, you become a giver.  Giving from the infinite power source from within.

If you meditate deeply on this, you can literally feel a shift happening.  You might feel a jolt in your heart, or a swishy swish in your head – don’t be scared of it!  It means it’s working.  Feelings are deeply connected to your body, so let your body feel this new experience along with your heart.

You’ll be able to experience it and what you experience, you can understand.  You only have to take the time to meditate on it.  When I say “meditate”, I mean perfect focus – opening your heart to actually feel the things I’m telling you.  Don’t think with words, but  feel it.  Believe it.  Trust it.

There’s no language in the place of knowing.  There are no words in wisdom.  Let your thoughts guide you into that warm juicy feeling center.  Wherever your thoughts are directed, you will follow.

Go into your heart.

This all makes perfect sense to me.  Like I’m stating the obvious again.  I always feel like I’m stating the obvious – that’s how I know it’s coming from a real place.  I like to shape my beliefs using the KISS ASS formula.  Keep It Simple Stupid Ass.

I would love to be able to write the exact order of the precise words to spur you into awakening.  Even if it’s just for a small awakening, a few nanoseconds, I don’t care – you still felt it!  If you felt it for even a nano-second, you would understand.

It’s like looking at one of those magic eye puzzles.  If you only see the image for a split second, you become a believer that there really is something there.  You just don’t know what it is exactly, but it’s there.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the real world.  Forget all I just said.  It’s really hard to do any of it anyway, so let’s do a modified version for beginners (ha ha I’m being a negative outside influence).  Let’s talk about the “real” world and how it uses our ego’s to form viable limitations.

Most of us aren’t strong enough to unfold the layers of deep awareness.  We’re not courageous enough to have faith and trust.  And because of this, we give ourselves reasonable limits in exact accordance to our beliefs.  This is the real world – it’s unavoidable unless you’re Jesus.

I just explained to you a portion of where you get your beliefs, now I want to focus on the limitations themselves.

If you’re not ready to let go and have faith (pulling from internal forces), then you have to work within your limitations.  But you can make them work in your favor!  You can achieve this simply by knowing what they are.

Your limits can be found in the following statements:

“I’ll never be able to afford it….”

“I’ll never accomplish that…..”

“I’m not smart enough….”

“I have no creativity…”

These are thoughts not taken from your heart, but from your head.  If you ask yourself why you feel a certain way, you will then be directed to your id, your feeling center.  This is where the magic happens.  The Why center of the golden circle will always show you your fears.

Know your limitations like studying a map.  Map them out and find your road blocks.  Once you know what they are, you can push them.  You widen them by doing something that scares you.

“But what if this happens?!  What if I’m left with nothing?!”

That’s why I’m telling you to work within your limitations – conquering one small victory at a time.  There’s no rush, and nothing to be ashamed of.

Focus on the stuff that can be bitten off in small nips.  Because if you do take a plunge with fear governing your heart, disaster will follow.  But then again, you’ll learn shit loads!

And while you’re in search of small ways to push your limitations, your brain starts utilizing parts of itself that you didn’t have access to before – your range of perception widens.  Not only that, but you majorly tap into your id.  You tap into it without trying.  What was so buried before, comes into focus.  The id wants to help you figure out your problems and it does so by giving you strength.

It’s all done subconsciously, you don’t even have to be aware of it.  The id wants you to belief in yourself.  Just a little at a time.  One small victory at a time.

“I don’t want to do laundry, I’m scared it will cut into my relaxation time.”

That’s the best time to do laundry!  When you don’t have to do it, you don’t need to do it – do it anyway!  It will feel great, I promise.

I need to fold sheets and do laundry, that’s why I used it as an example.  I’d rather write instead, which is totally okay.  I’m aware of my priorities.  If relaxing is the priority, than forget the laundry.  But again, it’s tapping into the Why center.  Why are you not doing laundry?  Because it’s not a priority.

I’m rambling.  That pile of clothes is staring at me.

Know why you don’t want to do something – that’s what I’m rambling about.

Clothes stop staring at me!

If you don’t want to confront your debt or look at your bank account, ask yourself why.

“Because I’m scared of what I’ll see.”

That’s an example of one small victory – just looking at your bank account.  If you don’t look, you will never be able to control it.  You’ll never find answers or strength.  You’ll never face the fear – the same fear that’s causing your debt.  Wrap that one around your noodle!

You end up filling the void with shallow addictions formed from the super-ego, instead of filling it with faith from the id.  God, id, & self can only be felt as faith because no words reside in the center.  Only belief and a continuous knowing lives there.

Again, stating the obvious, am I not?

The more contrasts you make between fear and faith (believing in yourself), the more you’re able to tell them apart.  Without fear, there would be no belief in yourself – we need it to define the contrasts, to reinforce our faith and belief in ourselves.  It’s the Yin & Yang defining each other.  And it’s the road to awareness.

What about depressed people?  People with no hope?  No reason to go on living?

I like to think of depressed people as fermenting.

Whatever is impermanent is subject to change. Whatever is subject to change is subject to suffering.

—The Buddha

Depressed people are in the cycle of change.  But instead of allowing the change to happen, they hold on to everything.  They bottle it all up and ferment with it.  They stay on the shallow surfaces of ego because they can’t face their fears.  Pain connects you to the past so as long as you stay with the pain, you’re still connected to it.  The universe won’t disconnect you until you are ready.

Depressed people will never come out of depression if they don’t find faith in themselves – the part that is never changing.

Having faith is Atman, the metaphysical soul self.  Faith and soul are interchangeable.  The more faith you have, the more aware you become of your atman.

I came in close contact with my atman a few days ago.  I woke up from a dream, or at least I thought I woke up.  I went to rub my eyes, but noticed my arm was translucent.  The last time this happened, I was 18 and freaked out in biblical panic.  This time however, I was as calm as calm could be.  I wasted no time in deciphering every last detail – everything about it, I remember.

I was laying in bed on my left side.  I didn’t have the energy to look around my room, so I could only view the objects directly in front of me.  I examined everything as closely as I could.  It was dawn, so I could see.  I remember asking myself why it was so bright before realizing it was morning.

“Everything looks exactly as it should look.  My books are all there – the order of them on my shelf.  The pen, lotion, notebook, all there down to the last detail.”

Once I decided that I was truly in my room and not some dream room, I looked more closely at my translucent arm.

“I’m flexing my hand and it’s doing exactly what I’m telling it to do.  It’s acting like it’s suppose to act.  This is so freaking cool!”

The more I examined my translucent arm, the more detail I saw in it.  At first there was no arm at all, but when I looked closely at where my arm should’ve been, that’s when I saw a dim outline of it.  The light in the room started reflecting off my arm, like it was wrapped in cellophane.  It had a dull silvery glimmer.  The details became sharper the more I stared and examined it.

My hand looked old, but only because the detail was so sharp.  The way the light bounced off it, without the fleshy over-tones or shadows, made my hand look old.  But I knew that that indeed was my hand exactly how it should look under those circumstances.

“What if I touch my physical body with it?  What would happen?”

Before I imagined what could happen, I went on ahead and sunk my invincible arm into my right shoulder.

Static!  I physically felt static electricity!  I not only felt it, but I heard it crackle as my hand sunk deeper.

“Holy shit holy SHIT!  What if I try healing myself?”

My hand was still lodged in my shoulder when I chanted the words, “heal heal heal heal.”

“My shoulder doesn’t need healing, but my brain sure does.”

So I quickly sunk my hand into the center of my head.  The surge of sound was almost deafening – it was much louder then when I sunk it into my shoulder.  And it wasn’t just sound – I felt it!  It was very intense.

I moved my hand in and out of my head a few times to experiment and examine precisely what was happening.  I’ve never felt static such as that.  It wasn’t unpleasant, and it wasn’t pleasant.  It felt like two fuzzy socks sticking together fresh from the dryer, and someone slowly pulling them apart in my brain.  Only, amplified 100 times.

“Heal heal heal heal.”

Once I got bored with that, I tried leaving my physical body altogether.  But I lacked energy.  The only spiritual part I could wriggle free was my arm.  The rest of me was rooted.

I know all this sounds nuts.  I know I sound crazy.  But this shit is REAL.  My story gets a little weirder, but not by much.

I have the ability to hear music when I’m in the hypnogogic state.  Scientists call this phenomena “auditory hallucinations”.  They explain it happens when your brain tries to make sense out of the sounds it hears while you’re sleeping.  The brain fails to make sense of it, so it fills in the blanks.  My fan was turned on, so it could’ve been from that.

“I wonder if I can hear a symphony play?”

As soon as I wished it, a grand symphony started playing inside my head.  Better than dolby digital surround sound.  It was magnificent.

“Man, what I wouldn’t give to be a composer right now.”

It was music I never heard before, but it was still breathtaking.  I tried controlling the rhythm, controlling when the orchestra boomed and waned.  That part was hard, but it still worked.  It sounded best when I didn’t try controlling it.

Then fear snuck up on me with, “I hope it doesn’t stop playing – please don’t play something stupid.”  And sure enough, the orchestra was replaced with some kind of bluegrass jaunt.  It wasn’t horrible, but I didn’t care for it.


And that’s when I fell back to sleep.


Anyways, yeah…

I’m not normal.  I know I’m not normal. But I’m also not the only one who has these experiences.

We all know about limitations and how fear can manipulate us when we’re not looking directly at it.  We know all that.  It’s just that nobody bloody care’s enough to think about it – nobody has the time to think about it.

I’m the product of 20 years worth of thinking about it.

Nobody cares.  ”What’s the point?” they say.

Evolution is the point.  Awareness and being awake.

You should be bothered by life’s greatest mysteries!  We know nothing and nobody cares!  People go about their day, working their knuckles to the bone, popping out babies and then they end it all by moving to Florida.  Not once wondering what it’s all about.

“Wondering about that crap won’t put food on the table.”  Is what they say.

People believe in religion – religion blows my mind!  How can anyone believe so adamantly in something they haven’t experienced for themselves?  They believe out of fear.  Fear connects them to whatever religion they believe.  Meanwhile, the bible teaches people to trust and have faith, that God is in them – nobody gets it!  ALL religions point to the same thing.  Reaching Dharma, letting go.  It’s all there in every religion.  And once you get it, you can let go of your appointed religion because fear no longer binds you to it.  You no longer need religion once you understand what it teaches.  You have experienced it and now you can let it go.

Everything baffles me.  People confuse me.  All I see is pain everywhere, either pain or a numbing of it – a sort of “dumbing down”.  Keeping towards the shallow end of the Golden Circle.

Love and feelings are the only two things real in a person.  Not taking anything seriously, trusting, admitting love/fears, letting your feelings out, places you in direct alignment with your heart.  Everybody let’s out just enough for them not to feel alone, or see that the world’s insane.  It’s the same as employers paying their workers just enough to stay working there.

How much are you willing to let out?  How much are you willing to risk?

Forever numbing and dumbing.

If you’re too “lazy”, “content”, or too “busy” to see what’s in your heart, you are numbing yourself.  Numb people are exhausted people.  They are content with what they have because they accepted defeat.  Fear has beaten them into submission, so they are always tired.  They gave up on living through the heart because it’s too painful.  There’s too much at stake.

These are the people with no hobbies, no art or song in their hearts.  They struggle everyday to find something to distract themselves with.  Looking for a place to draw energy from.

When I was under ayahuasca, she showed me the true nature of existence, and it IS insane.  People in the world ARE crazy!  It’s all thanks to our ego’s.  We’re not able to see true reality because we are still attached to our ego’s.  Our mass consciousness is not aware of itself, we are not aware of ourselves or how we hurt others.

“It’s not me, it’s the other guy.”  Is heard from both ends.  It’s karma.  What you are capable of doing, someone did it to you.  It gets handed down.  We reflect off each other.  We are all but a mirror in a world of mirrors.  We don’t possess the strength not to be.

We view others as separate physical beings – we see their physicality, but not their souls.  Body and actions are shown, no heart.  We react and not act.  We react with our body-bound ego that hands itself over to the circumstances.  We do this because we have yet to experience our own soul.  We experience our bodies everyday, but how do we go about experiencing being in our immortal soul?

And because we believe we are merely our bodies (regardless of believing in an after-life), we treat others as though they are merely bodies as well.  And if we don’t like something about somebody, we want to smash them physically or mentally – a lot of times both.  Why?  To let out the pain that’s in us, to let out our fear and defeat it – that’s why.

All this is intuitive knowledge – we ALL feel it!  To me it’s like I’m stating the obvious.  But is it obvious to everyone?

It’s the mass conscious energy of ego.  If only we can move past the outside edge and into the mass conscious energy of feeling and of Why.  We can only get there together.

Ayahuasca told me we can only evolve together.  That we are all connected.

Me – “But why?  Why evolve?  What’s it all for?”

Ayahuasca – “If you know why, then you’ll know God.”

She said that!  All the answers can be found in the Why center of the golden circle.  And everything can be felt if we’re ready to feel it.  God is on the inside of everything, including us.

All pain is caused by fear.  Fear is self-inflicted.  Karma is self-inflicted.

Okay, it’s late.  I should stop writing.  I shall edit in the ‘morrow.

The point of this post was to tell you that you should know your limitations, work within them, and push them ever-so-slightly.  That was the point before I went off on a tangent.  I’ve been writing this post for days!

3,000 word posts happen when I neglect to hit the publish button.


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16 responses to “The Secret Deciphered: Part Two (again)

  1. It’s like déjà vu all over again…

  2. As we flow along the golden threads connecting us, sharing our understandings, we find serenity and light. I write to expel both disbelieves and stuff trying to wrap me up in dis-connects. Thank you for reading my blog. I will follow you, also.

  3. I think wordpress should invent a new button for this…”like” doesn’t cut it. How about a “friggen AWESOME” button? You are speaking truth…thank you! ❤

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