My Post Disappeared. WTF Wordpress?

I just wrote and published my last post, The Law of Fives, minutes ago.  I published it, hit my Home button, scrolled down and saw that my last post before it, The Secret Deciphered: Part Two, was missing.

How can an entire post vanish?

I can easily figure out a way to re-post it, so I’m not horribly concerned that it’s gone.  But how did this happen?

I lost all my likes and comments, but I can live with that.

And about that weird client that wanted a massage….his wallet vanished!  He has no idea where it went and left to go find it.  Now I’m sitting here not knowing what to do.  He’s been gone for an hour and texted me:  I can’t find it.

But you want to hear the weird part?  Right before he got here, my intuition told me that I should hide my own wallet.  That I needed to take it out of my desk and hide it between the folded sheets in my cabinet.  How crazy is that?  Could it possibly be that he was intending to pay me with my own cash?  No, no it can’t be.

His lost wallet is in the same place where my lost post is – in another dimension.

This is certainly baffling being that it’s the first time I ever felt the need to hide my wallet.

I want to go to the gas station and buy cigarettes, smoke two of them while driving home and get immediately into my pajama’s and curl up under blankets.  Fearful of what else might go missing.

I’m in such a weird mood.  I promised a friend I’d come over tonight.  I look a mess.

I’ll republish my lost post soon, just not now.  Tomorrow perhaps.

If anyone know’s any information as to why this would happen, let me know.  None of it was plagiarized, it was all spoken plainly from my heart.  Who would flag it?

Life is funny.


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12 responses to “My Post Disappeared. WTF Wordpress?

  1. Ava

    Weird…but I still have it. Dropped into my email so maybe the universe is proving your point: the only ones who get to/deserve to witness your brilliance are the ones who expect to see it! Shine on my dear girl. Glow.

  2. I read your epic post so I know it existed. In fact, I reblogged it! However, it does truly appear to be gone. And wouldn’t you know it — it was one of the most epic posts I’ve ever read. Did you contact support @ wordpress?

  3. Great post!
    My favorite experience= Deleting a post, only to find out later, Everyone loves it! And you have been nominated for an award because of it!

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