About My Next Post….

I have in my draft folder a very long post that I was intending to turn into an Ebook, but I don’t see that happening.  I’m still going to write my book, don’t get me wrong, only I want to make it grand and epic, that’s all.  Turning a post into an Ebook just because it’s long, is not the way to go.  It’s not being mindful.  It’s being lazy.

I want to add a storyline, something readers can relate to.  I want people to experience my insights by feeling them, not just on an intellectual level, but in the heart.  This can only be done through story.

Indians telling tales around a fire, the stories told in the bible, and the stories of Greek God legends are all there to help us feel the lesson.

This route is a lot more difficult than my normal outpourings.  I have to be creative on a new level.  It’s scary and I have no idea where to begin.  I need to trust, that’s all.  Have intent in my heart, and write hard and fall fast.

Editing it all makes my stomach churn just thinking about it.

So, my next post will be a whopper.  McDonalds has taken the liberty of super-sizing it.

If only I was able to keep my postings short and sweet, more people would read them.  I know this, you know this, we all know it.  But there’s always so much to say….

This post is short 🙂

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