The Secret Deciphered: Part One


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(This is mostly a rehash of all my old posts, but told and shown in brightly new ways!)

I want to write about The Secret and how it compares to my enlightenment with ayahuasca.

Back in 2006, Rhonda Byrne published The Secret and it quickly became a self-help bestseller.  After hearing about it from my brothers girlfriend, I hopped on the new-age bandwagon and borrowed her audiobook, then bought the movie.

I understood the concept, I thought frequently about the science behind it before ever having heard of the book (I’ve read a lot of books on physics and string theory).  I fully understood how and why it worked – but I did so on the superficial level.  I haven’t actually experienced it.  I didn’t have the feel for it.  The feel that can only come with experience.

Feelings are felt in the limbic system – a place of no language or reason.  You can only tap into the limbic system by having experiences.

When I was under the influence of ayahuasca, I asked her if the law of attraction was real, I asked if it worked.

She answered with a yes and no.

If you are attached to the thing you desire, you will NEVER get it.

I wrote many times before that all attachment is laced with fear.  Fear is the absence of God and light.  If your fear (attachment) outweighs the light (strength and faith), you will never acquire what you want.  If you grown dependent on something, whatever you’re dependent on will fail you.

It’s karma.  Karma navigates only through the dark murky waters of fear.

But at the same token, we need to feel our desires – we need to acknowledge them.  Our desires are formed by our thoughts.  Thinking that we cannot possibly live a happy life without the thing we desire most.

We are not our desires.  We are not our thoughts.

Okay, I’m going to get a little wacky religious here, but that’s what my enlightenment was about – God.

We are all connected to a higher source, we all have access to the word of God.  If we listen to our hearts, we can hear sirens singing us a lullaby.  All will be well, always.  You are loved and cared for, always.

When we say things like, “Oh I’ll never be happy unless I have this or unless I have that….”, we are in retrospect, turning our backs on God – cutting off all faith in him.  We blame him (or others) for our troubles, blame him for our unanswered prayers while it’s really us doing everything to ourselves.  It’s from not listening to the calm in our hearts.  All will be well.  Have faith.  Trust.

Having attachments is the same thing as having no faith in God.

It’s like filling that preverbal “void” you hear so much about.

It’s the same as saying you’re not enough, God is not enough.  I need this, I need that.  You should confront your “needs” and ask yourself why they are so important.  It will ALWAYS come down to fear.

“It’s because I’m scared of not being happy, I’m scared of not being enough for others, I’m scared of being judged….etc”

Fear = attachment

Whatever you’re scared of, you’re attached to.

You are whole just as you are.  You must trust.  People who can’t feel this or experience it, aren’t ready to.  They need to find more strength and courage.  They need to suffer more.  The best way to suffer is by pushing and forging ahead despite what your heart is telling you.  Keep doing it until you find strength.  When your head is not symbiotic with your heart, you will suffer yourself into gaining strength.

Ego’s are necessary for our evolution.

By letting go, surrendering, and owning your fear by confronting it, oddly enough you will gain full control.  By letting go and having faith, you end up having full control.  It’s true!  Ayahuasca said so!

You’re not only having faith in God, but faith in yourself because you are God – he’s built into you.  When you are in his divine awareness, your ego gets pushed aside.  All fear is gone.  Not only is it gone, but you can actually see it plainly for the first time.  Like a fish out of water, or waking up inside a dream.  You become aware.

When I was induced with aya, I realized that nobody would truly understand anything I’ve learned because they haven’t experienced it for themselves.  Even if people believe everything I tell them, they still wouldn’t understand because they’re not connected.  Wisdom flows through you when you’re connected.

Listening to Guru’s won’t make you get it, they won’t make you understand.  When you start feeling the outpouring of wisdom for yourself, only then you’ll get it.  And you’ll see where Guru’s receive their wisdom from.

Trust in God was a huge insight in my ayahuasca induced musings.  Trust is everything.  Trust and letting go.  Those who can’t let go or trust God end up in the lower regions of hell.  Many people who have taken ayahuasca usually end up in the lower realms – almost everybody.  The gravity sucks them in.

I got all this information from listening to others, and what I learned while being enlightened.  Hell exists and it’s for those who lack connection to God.  For those who aren’t connected to their hearts.  It doesn’t mean they’re bad people, just that they haven’t suffered enough to gain strength and awareness.  Addictions and attachments own them, fear owns them – not the light.

In your heart, in God’s heart, you are a perfect being no matter what you do, you are perfect.  People lack connection to their core and get snared in by their ego’s.  Ego is like gravity.  It creates and nestle’s itself into the environment within our minds, not our hearts – an environment that shapes us without us shaping it.

It is only through suffering do we learn strength.  Strength to let go and to let God (have faith!).

But how do you let go?  Ah, now that’s the question!

If you’re having trouble letting go, it’s because you’re not there yet.  You’re not ready.  And that’s okay!  Our minds judge us on our weaknesses, hence feeding them power.  It’s a cycle.  We berate our flaws, don’t accept them, and end up living accordingly to them.

With acceptance comes surrender and with surrender we are able to let go.

The ego holds everything together.  Like tendons, or fascia holding our body’s together.  When it see’s a weakness, it builds up stronger connections just to hold everything steadily in place.  It’s biology for survival.  It’s using our unaware reptilian minds.

The whole point of us being here is to evolve ourselves away from all that.  We defeat fear by doing something that scares us.  And letting go can scare the pants off of anyone.

So anyway, the law of attraction works if you let go of attachment.  That’s the whole point of this post.  Whew, excuse me while I wipe the sweat off my furrowed brow.

Look at your needs and don’t ask yourself what they are, ask yourself why they are.  Always ask yourself why.  “Why” works in the limbic system of no thought, just feeling.  Again, as I stated many times before, feelings are your power source.  They are the juices that drive you – the sauce that erupts itself into creative genius.  Just like your seventh grade science fair volcano!

You will never know what you’re scared of if you don’t confront your feelings.

Feelings are felt in the body as well.  They need to physically come out as much as they do mentally.  Move your body in ways that don’t feel natural until they do feel natural.  Do yoga, dance, shake it out in convulsions if you have to.  Exercise.

I feel like a broken record when I write these posts.  I keep learning and experiencing new things that tie in with the old things, so I have to keep repeating just to keep remembering and building.

I’m building a structured framework – a pattern of beliefs.  A pattern without patterns, a structure without structure.  You know how hard that is?  Especially hard not having an ego to hold everything in place!?

Bah, who am I kidding..  My ego is perfectly intact.  But I am aware of it and what it does.

Okay Mel are you ready to let go of all attachment?  Ready to put down that electronic cigarette and go to sleep and have one of your freaky nicotine nightmares?

Let go have faith let go have faith let go have faith.

Let go of money.  I do not need money.  I can’t eat or drink money.  Money is paper.  Why do I need it?  Fear!  Let go have faith let go have faith.

It’s freaking hard man, I’m telling you.  How poor do I have to be in order to start believing?

I don’t want to sport a potato sack – I fear sporting a potato sack!  Maybe I need to wear a potato sack in public just to get over my fear of being poor.  Or maybe I should live in a cabin by Walden’s Pond.

How do I let go dammit?  I know all this shit and yet can’t utilize it.  What’s the point?

Okay now wait a tick, my feelings are taking a turn.  I’m remembering something, or intuiting something…..hmmm….let it happen…let it happen…AHA!

I believe in myself!  That’s the kicker.  There it is.  By believing in myself, the fear diminishes.  If I don’t want to be poor, I simply won’t be and that’s that.  There is no “what if.”  If I don’t want it, than it simply won’t happen – fear has nothing to do with it.  Omg…..brain explosion….rip….to….shreds….soul….implosion….and let there be light!

Holy shit I get it.  I freaking get it!  Had I had it before?  Probably, I write so much freaking shit in here I forget half the stuff.

Let’s hold it there.  Really grasp and experience it.  Are you there with me?

Okay, let’s go over this again (more for myself than for you).  Whatever I want, I can manifest so long as I believe in myself.  Fear is nowhere to be seen.  How the hell can I explain this?  I feel like I’m high right now, seriously.  I totally let go of my attachment to money and yet I still want it – it’s so confusing!

What I just experienced can’t be put into words to where you will understand and experience it along with me.  How shitty is that?  It’s like I don’t need money, but I want it.  That whole dichotomy of wants vs needs just went to a whole ‘nother level.

Okay, let’s stay calm.  I know I sound crazy, I know I know, blah blah what-ev, I don’t care.

Omg I just remembered there was something else I wanted to write about The Secret!  It has to do with working within your limitations.  I’m not sure how long it will take to write about that since all my posts tend to ramble on into unearthly dimensions.  So, I’ll end this post here and continue tomorrow.  I will label this post Part One.

Holy shit it’s late!

1,825 words later and I’m still not done…..

I’m seriously a narcissist…

Yay look at me I’m on the internet!  

For all the world to see

My mental disfigurement!

Read me

Love me

Fondle me with care

Abuse me

Use me

I’m a daffodil with hair

I need your love

I want your attention

Aren’t you also

Wanting a connection?

To WiFi

or internet provider

Broadening your scope

It’s beginning to get wider

It’s 3 in the morning….


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9 responses to “The Secret Deciphered: Part One

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  3. You are super amazing, sweet, exceptional and creative. Bless your dariling heart…while I trust in God, and let go. I have got to share this…. Thanks a million.

  4. Reblogged this on anuoluwapo ademuyiwa's blog and commented:
    Let go and let God…live a better life fully assured of the Father’s love.

  5. Happy Zhou

    i agree with you when you say let go and trust in God. Have faith and let Go! i agree with you when you say fear comes with attachment, only but some. What i recently learnt though through prayer to God is that our fear is actually due to a lack of love. Perfect Love casts out fear. love for one another, and believing the love that God has for us, it is usually harder to let go of attachments if we don’t pray to God to be open to love. again perfect love casts out fear, you may read this from the bible,
    I JOHN 4:1-21. taking note of verse 18, i have tried and tested it, my attachment are falling away one by one. Some great points otherwise

    • Yes you are exactly right, I totally agree. I tend to make things black & white. Either light or darkness. I’ll check out that verse. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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