Just another weekend blurb with an added bonus video of Pamplona

I pull up to the pump, hop out of my car and swipe my card through the machine.

Me – “I stop pumping when I start smelling gas.”

Brad – “Oh geez, you need to get that fixed.”

Yes, Esmeralda my car, is still leaking gas.  I first wrote about it here.

I spent the entire weekend with Brad.  It was tiresome only because we packed so many activities into 2 days.  And now it’s Monday, my rest day, and I’m laying in bed writhing in pain from a stomachache that won’t go away.

Last night the pain got so bad that I chanced taking a dose of pepto bismol that expired back in 2009.

Last time I had this stomach pain I ended up in the ER.  They fed me antibiotics intravenously to kill off an infection in my intestines.

Anyway, I’m exhausted.  I don’t feel like doing anything.  I just want to sleep here in my messy, stuffy bedroom all day.

On Saturday, Brad took me to an orchard so I could meet his friend that picks apples for a living.  His apple picking friend smokes marlboro reds like a cowboy and drinks Budweiser like a true American.  He’s an older gentleman with a protruding stomach and pants held up with red suspenders.  He wasn’t wearing a shirt when I met him.

And on that fateful day, Saturday, he got diagnosed with cancer of the lungs and breast.  I watched him sob and cry saying that he’d rather keep smoking than do chemo.

“God gave me a ticket for a ride.”

He wiped the tears streaming down from behind his sunglasses.

“I cried like a baby when they told me.”

We were standing out in the baking sun, surrounded by beautiful orchards, drinking beer at 3pm after having a liquid breakfast of sangria at a wine tasting.  I stood their listening to this sick man and started feeling light-headed.  My vision slowly blacked-out, I couldn’t comprehend what anyone was saying and had to excuse myself to go sit in my car, drink water and take two of my little sugar tablets I keep for emergencies.

“Stay calm Mel, keep calm.”

When my brain goes into hyper drive, I start to feel diabetic.  My lips go numb.  I can’t handle certain situations without my body feeling faint.  I don’t know this man, never met him until a few minutes ago and there I was feeling his emotions in my body.  Or it could’ve been the liquid breakfast (I didn’t eat anything that morning), or the sun, or the few sips of beer.  But I doubt it.  I walked 500 miles without feeling faint – not once!

It was this man’s energy that made me feel weak.  My brain turned to putty.

I took a few deep breaths, drank a bunch of water, relaxed every muscle in my body before standing up and walking over to everyone again.

I got introduced to several Jamaican men and then sat myself down on the tail-end of a pick-up truck, resting my arm on their cooler full of beer and fish caught at a nearby lake.  It felt like the deep south, not anywhere in Connecticut.

After the orchard, we went to see a play and then drove all the way to Rhode Island for a little R&R.  We brought our guitars, my mom packed us dinner and we looked forward to the night and the next day of just sitting around and relaxing in the quiet.

We pulled into the old dirt driveway and up to my family’s cottage.

“Oh crap there’s people here.  I’m so sorry, I didn’t think anyone would be here.”

Brad – “That’s okay, I don’t mind.  We can always play the guitars outside.”

My brother was there at the cottage along with Jesse, his girlfriend, and our interesting Rhode Island neighbor who teaches geology at a college (whom I developed a crush on after hearing him play the guitar).  Long story short, we stayed up until sunrise.  Everyone singing along to the guitars, having a few beers, laughing, dancing (I was the only one dancing), and Brad was inoculated into my family and their wily ways.

The next day my brother woke everyone up with polka music at 11 am.  I was so pissed.  Instead of eating breakfast, I drank a shot of absinthe that claimed to have wormwood as its active ingredient.  It was after that shot, when my stomach started to hurt.

Okay, I just slept all day.  Now it’s 6:30 and I still have no interest in venturing into the world.  I do however, feel inspired.  What else is new?  I always feel inspired.  It’s the main outcome of living life through the heart.

I desperately needed this day of rest.  Desperately.  I need to look up why my stomach hurts.  One very poignant symptom is that it hurts the most right before I have to pee.  It doesn’t hurt or burn while I pee (that would be a UTI), but hurts in my guts just below my navel.

It even hurts to cough.  It’s so sore.

I just googled my symptoms.  I might have a kidney stone, a bladder infection or a UTI.  The infection can spread to my kidneys when left untreated.  No insurance = no doctor, so I have to turn to home remedies.  It only started yesterday and the pain is subsiding, so I’ll hold off on any drastic measures for now.

I need lots and lots of cranberry juice (not the cocktail kind), and to stay away from calcium and salt.  I’ll be fine.  I’m always fine.

Wow I didn’t know the new Playstation 4 came out.  When the hell did that happen?

Anyway, I found this video mixed in with all my vacation photo’s.  I don’t think I ever posted it.

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