Do What Makes You Happy

Duh, it’s so simple right?  Than why the hell do people make it so hard?!

Okay here’s the thing, we are all going to die.  You know how I know that?  Statistics.  It’s statistically proven that we have a 100% death rate.  So, who owns you?  What owns you?  Does death own you?

Everyone’s scared, nobody’s honest, everyone’s afraid of what people think.  They live inside their heads, not their hearts.

Remember that feelings are connected to the body.  What does your body want?  A cigarette?  Then you go on ahead and you smoke that cigarette, but who owns who?  Does that cigarette own you?  Does food own you?  Or Facebook, work, email, phone, tv, money, clothes, car, debt, people, alcohol, circumstances, environment?  Do they all own you?

People expect the government to fix their jobs, fix their lives, fix everything.  People pray their jobs will get better, that maybe the boss will allow for overtime this week to pay off debt or let them have Christmas off.  People hope, they pray – but they pray to the wrong master!

Survival.  All people focus on is survival and being accepted.  They don’t see what’s really happening.  They’re blind to what’s happening.

People tell you what you should be doing.

“Oh you should be doing that, or, you should be doing this…”

Unless they’re trying to inspire you or give you that kick in the ass you need, then fuck em’.  Who are they?  Who are you?  Who’s anyone?  We are all going to die!

So you take that cigarette and you smoke it without it smoking you.  You take that job and you work it instead of it working you.  You are the master, just you.  No one else.

Follow your feelings, let them out!  That is the road to happiness, to letting go, to self-awareness.

To let go means to let OUT!

Fuck everyone else.  Their judgments are illusions, of no substance.  Judgements are from your thinking brain, not felt with the body, but with thoughts.  Thoughts that are entranced in the deception of fear.

Fear is a feeling that blocks the channel of awareness.  It blocks people from truly experiencing what’s real.  If they judge you, they are not of your world, but of their own minds.  Their thoughts own them, circumstance own them, fear owns them.

It’s okay to feel depressed.  Depression is a place to ruminate and gain better understanding.  Depressed people are often gifted – finding their gifts in their ruminations.  But only a small percentage of these people actually unitize their experience, their gains.  Do you know why?  Because depression is having the lack of expression.  It’s lack of hope, lack of feeling anything good.

All feelings, even the bad ones, are good.

Anhedonic is a state of mind that represses all emotion until you feel nothing but sadness.  The fear became an accustomed pain so much so that you forgot what it is you’re avoiding.  You don’t know what you need to let go of or face.  You’re caught in a never ending cycle of grief and pity.

It’s good to acknowledge grief and pity as long as you don’t hide it.  Express it!

Depression is repression.  It’s being ashamed of what you feel, who you fear you are, who you fear others believe about you.  It’s being stuck and helpless.

Be depressed, but don’t let the depression own you.  Work with it.  Face it.  Face whatever it is you’re avoiding to feel and let it out.  Experience expressing.  Feel it.  Feel it in you body.

Let it pass through you unencumbered.  Become passive.  You will find strength in becoming passive.  People say it’s a flaw to be passive, but I say it’s a strength.  It’s you becoming the master, not others, not you’re thoughts.  Passive people bother others because they’re unable to control them, unable to affect them.

Get out of the patterns, get out of the structure.  Depression is when you realize you’re living inside structures and patterns – you can’t be found anywhere.  You find yourself unable to experience anything.  There is no hope in getting out.

I’m telling you how to get out.  There is always a way.  Become the owner of you.  Discipline yourself into becoming your rightful owner.  Get connected with your body again.  Dance, sing, fucking paint on walls, do whatever you gotta do to get it all out.

I’m going to hang out with Brad today and put new strings on my guitar.  I want to play.  I want to write music.  And guess what?  I’m ecstatic about doing so!

Addictions – the things that replace my expressions into a false, safe sense of happiness, are let go, no longer depended on.  My ability to focus is pinpoint accurate with no gobs of brain custard slowing me down.  Brain custard is the stuff that blocks your thinking brain, making you dumb, unable to concentrate or create.  Brain custard are those deep ingrained pathways in the brain that you cycle around and around digging them deeper and deeper until all thought flows there naturally.

Cycled pathways are stories you tell yourself.  Become passive to those stories.  They aren’t real – feelings are what’s real.

Feeling is the way to get out of those pathways.  Thoughts are only superficial, they can be changed.  They mean nothing.

Babies learn by feeling.  They learn by experiencing.  Children are in their bodies, laughing, playing, using their imagination – learning more quickly than any adult.  Be a child again.  It’s the best time to be a child when you’re an adult.

Be deeply curious.  Curiosity leads to genius.

To me all this sounds like common sense.  Does it make sense to you?


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