Nice Vs Kind

The path to wisdom starts with experience.  But before you go on to read further, take a moment to remember (I use the term remember because we all experienced at least one thing in our lives), what it feels like to actually experience something.

Experience can’t be chronologically ordered and filed away into text books (in other words, can’t be taught).  It’s not a tangible thing, or a calculation taught by a teacher.  Experience is far more than a series of events and it’s deeper than any physical pain or pleasure.

Experience is what you gained, what you learned.  Experience is feeling.

You are part of the experience.  You and it are interchangeable.  I learned this a while back during an out of body experience I had while asleep.   You can read about that here.


Experience is how you felt during a certain time in your life.  It’s what you felt after holding your first born child.  Having experiences is synonymous with true understanding.  Forming a connection with an experience makes you part of it.  Part of the moment.  It’s feeling.  It’s using your intuitive “knowing” that Bruce Lee and I share (read my last post).

That being said, let’s take a look at what feelings are.

Feelings come from the heart.  They’re as much physical as they are emotional.  They’re bound by body and soul.  Feelings flow like a river when left unobstructed, and change along with your growth and development.  As feelings grow, so shall you.  It’s a subconscious energy connected with your creative higher mind.  It’s connected with your ability to learn and with your capacity to be compassionate.

Getting to the topic at hand, nice vs kind, I needed to give you that little background first.  Nice vs kind is an exemplary example of comparing compassion to patterns, feelings verses structure and the judicial “right” from “wrong”.

Niceness or niceties are lies.  Before you disagree, hear me out.

Most people are heavily bonded by fear.  They counteract their fear by conforming to superficial structures and patterns.

Their experience formed a thinking pattern and belief system  that caused obstruction making the flow of feeling blocked (perhaps they didn’t like feeling a certain way and are now avoiding it?).  They don’t have trust or strength in themselves to confront these obstructions.  Therefore limiting their chances of becoming self-actualized.

This causes selfishness, lack of empathy and compassion.  These are the people who’ll listen to your story, but will never relate to it.  They have limited connection to themselves and to others, unless they meet people who are equally blocked and superficial which only reinforces their blindness.

They adhere to a set of principles based on their current “leaders” logic because they’re unable to form their own beliefs.  They will defend their leader because they are, in essence,  defending themselves.  They are pattern seekers, followers, and unaware.

If a weak chink is spotted in a fellow comrade, they judge them and stomp them out of existence with contempt and disgust – hence feeding into their ego and gaining power by stealing it from others.

This is how the Holocaust happened.

90% of the people you meet are blocked up, unable to create, unable to think for themselves – all because of avoidance.  Avoidance of the pain and weakness they associate with their particular obstruction.


People aren’t strong enough to see truth.  Instead of facing themselves, they are disgusted and sickened with those who suffer by their own hands.  All because they are structured pattern seekers following their leaders orders – no heart of their own, no connection to themselves.  No empathy.  They blame others for their own guilt.

What the nazi’s did was judicially considered the “right” thing.  A way to protect and preserve the wellbeing of their country. You can’t deny this happened, although some try.

Are American’s headed in the same direction?  Infiltrating countries to exterminate “threats,” setting new laws that allow the military permission to imprison anyone without a hearing.  Changing the very Declaration that this country was founded on.

Is it all to happen again?

It is karma and people are blind at seeing truth.  Even our iconic statue of justice is blindfolded, adhering to whomever the current laws are in favor of.

blind justice


Wow I just realized you can totally see her nipples.

Anyway, I’m way off topic.

Don’t be nice to people just because it’s the “right” thing to do, or that you want to be a good person and that’s what “good” people do.  The nice thing to do is taken directly from patterns, from environment and circumstance.

Niceness is on the surface.  Kindness is from the heart.

Don’t be nice out of guilt or that maybe you’re afraid of getting in trouble with someone, be kind out of love.

Anyway, while I was massaging my last client (who has crazy back issues), I noticed that pain travels to the weakest part of the body first.  And once that part gets accustomed to the pain, it moves on to strike the next weakest part.

The body is connected to feelings and therefore makes an excellent analogy.  If you aren’t aware of yourself and what you do, you will experience suffering.  You will experience suffering until you make the choice to do something about it.  Confronting and strengthening your weakness is the only way to resolve and evolve into your higher blessed being.

This doesn’t mean you should become hardened and grow a tough shell (that’s what happens to unaware people).  You must confront your pain and accept it.  You strengthen it out of love, compassion and forgiveness of yourself.

Pain and suffering are blessings.  They are gifts to teach us strength, awareness and compassion.  They teach us, just as it is in the body, where to let go.

Everything has a beginning and an end.  That’s the gift of life – the gift of learning appreciation.  All experiences must be cherished as passing treasured gifts.

Opening your heart to others and being present with them, makes you vulnerable.  LET yourself feel the pain of a broken heart as many times as it takes to gain the strength and courage to evolve into your higher, stronger self.  That’s what life is all about.  Living wholly in your heart is the opposite of avoidance.

All pain is a blessing, a teacher.  It gives you courage.  The same courage necessary to face yourself and acknowledge your demons.  It unblocks obstructions, freeing up the river in you so that it can flow and take you on the most creative journey into human awareness and development.

Don’t donate to charity out of pity or guilt, donate out of love – donate because you actually care.  Don’t donate because you’re nice, donate because you’re kind.  If you do otherwise, you are only donating to feed your ego and lessen your guilt.

Don’t ever blame anyone for making you feel guilty.  People can’t make you feel anything unless an unaware weakness allows it in.  It’s in your own weakness, your own lack of courage to face yourself and witnessing your own lack of empathy, of connection, of feeling.  Especially when you blame your guilt on others.

Kindness comes from experience, experience comes from feeling, and feeling comes from the heart.

If there is a block anywhere – usually starting with the heart, you will never truly experience anything thus facilitating the cycle of karma.  You will cycle through karma until you learn how to learn.  In other words, learn how to feel.

Bruce Lee knew all this, based his whole philosophy on it!  I’m able to spread out his simple statements into 1,000 word blog posts simply because I know exactly what he’s talking about.  

Just open your heart.  It starts with opening your heart to yourself.  Forgiving yourself, trusting yourself.  Letting in the pain – trust me, it’s worth its weight in gold!

Remember, the ONLY purpose in life is to evolve into your higher self.  Your stronger, courageous, self-aware, creative, compassionate self.  There is no other point, no other reason.  This I intuited, and what I intuit I take for truth.  It didn’t come from me, but through me (with the help of ayahuasca).  Every experience is a new lesson in how to feel.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you should feel.  They tell themselves what to feel instead of letting the real stuff in.  They let structure and patterns tell them what to think and feel and they expect YOU to do the same.  Otherwise you become their new weakest link.

I know all this because I experienced it all.  I’ve been obstructed with demons because I let other people’s demons effect me.  Fear spreads like wild fire.  Patterns form like fractals around the globe, rewiring our heads – but they can never rewire our hearts.  Tap into it and see for yourself.

Don’t judge or hate anyone who is still caught in the illusory matrix of that which is “nice” or “right.”  Remember that everyone is on their own journey, all progressing at different speeds and levels.  If we give in to their hate, it will inevitably spread.  It will sit in us forming a new demon, a new obstruction to face, a new weakness to avoid and a new karma cycle emerges from the ashes of unfeeling dead zombies caught in the pattern of survival using their lower reptilian minds.

I’m one post closer to liberating humanity!


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8 responses to “Nice Vs Kind

  1. Ava

    Gal…miss you! Kudos on the last few blogs…some serious brain taffy pulling but staying out of the weeds. Wish CT was closer to AZ…when I figure out how to do the OBE maybe we can meet up somewhere? 🙂 Seriously, good to have you back.

    • I took a half hour nap today and came close to another OBE. I was zooming around at high velocity but couldn’t manage to open my spirit eyes without opening my physical eyes. That’s the hardest part for me.

      Hopefully I’ll get to see you next summer if I get to go on my American cross-country voyage. I miss you too! You’re the very best. It’s a good thing you don’t live in CT because I’d probably claim a room in your house and move in 😀

  2. Even though you’re no longer on El Camino, I think you should still vlog now and again…

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