Travelers diarrhea. A true heroic tale of triumph over struggle.

I’m in Madrid suffering from stomach upset. This is the first time I’m experiencing travelers diarrhea. And oh man it sucks.

I’m afraid to leave my hostel. It’s hitting me in waves that keep building in strength until I run to the bathroom again and again.

Oh no it’s happening again….

Now I’m on the toilet.

Holy crap…

If this happened to me in the Santiago cathedral then it really would be holy crap.

I hope this is the last of it.

There’s so much to see here and I only have 4 days. I picked hostels located in the city center so everything is a mere 20 minute walk. No need for bus or taxi.

But I can’t get off the pot or stray too far from it. I’m completely helpless.

Ok, am I done? I mean in the bathroom, am I done here?

I also feel waves of nausea. I take a deep swallow.


Now I have the chills. Traveling is rougher than it looks.

I feel well enough to go see the Egyptian monument that they had shipped here, but I know I’ll get a ping in my gut again shortly.

Last night my stomach pain was so bad.

I ate a weird tortilla at the airport yesterday that looked as though it had been sitting out for a while. My gut told me not to chance it, but my trust and hunger outweighed my fear.

Or it could be from that creamy liquor I chugged down, but I doubt it’s that.

I feel so tired and weak. Maybe I should just lay in the park. The park is a must – see. Plus it has this thing called the crystal palace in it.


Yep, the pings are back…

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