Madrid Yay! I’m a ball of fun. Splendid fun today!

I am in the Museo del Prado. It’s a great museum with an enormous selection of old art. And I am enjoying it from the bathroom.

I’m afraid to get up. But I must. I spent 14 euro’s to be here and I’ll be damned if its spent using their baño.

Later that same day….

It’s about 8:30pm and the pub crawl begins at 11. Shall I go? My tummy is still rumbly but not as bad. I stopped at the tienda and bought rice, noodle soup, salad and cucumbers and so I feel a lot better now. I also taken a nap on the couch in front of a non-working tv.

If I was here with actual friends, I would go to the pub crawl. But these people from my hostel are all kids and the girls are dressed up like hoochies.

And let me just tell you, I’m on the complete far end of the makeup scale. I literally look and smell homeless.

Speaking of, I really need to wash my underwear tonight.

So yeah, no. I will not be going to the pub crawl. It would be different if these people were fellow pilgrims, but they’re not. My roommate brought two huge pieces of luggage with her and has her perfumes and makeups scattered all over the place.

And what do I got? Nothin that’s what. Just a pair of old stretched out underwear and some crunchy socks.

Remind me to wash my socks.


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5 responses to “Madrid Yay! I’m a ball of fun. Splendid fun today!

  1. davidnoelsmith

    Sounds like you had a fun day..I was in Madrid for less than 2 hours :\ I’ll go for longer next time.

  2. Steph

    LOL!!!! I can just picture that!!!! Are you crunching while you walk like in Seinfeld haha

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