Melanie tackles Santiago

Here’s another video of me in Santiago.

It’s funny how I came here to Europe all by myself, but as I aimlessly walk up and down these cobbled streets in this old historic place, I see the same faces that I’ve been seeing for the past 5 weeks and I don’t feel like a stranger here.

And in my well worn pilgrims attire, I’m not considered a stranger even to those I haven’t met yet.

When people know your purpose, know why you’re here and what you’re doing, they feel they know you and are more apt to show you a warm welcome. Just as it is when you, yourself, know your own purpose. You know yourself and are able to adopt a forgiving self-compassion and knowledge that is otherwise absent when self-awareness is lost.

Have I written about that yet? I forgot. It sounds vaguely familiar. I’m sure that I did.

Anyway, here’s another visual memory for the future me to look back on:


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5 responses to “Melanie tackles Santiago

  1. rockyb4321

    Melanie…I´ll be there tomorrow!! Hope to see you again!! Great going! You made it!!

    • Yay hope to see you! I’m going to the pilgrims mass at 12. I got my compostella at 7pm and there was no line but if you go during the day it’s about 40 minute wait.

  2. Ah Santiago..the memories! Irish and Galician music are so so alike, the Celtic blood is everywhere. And no matter where you are in Santiago, you can hear the piper underneath the arch as you walk into the main square. Ill be back in Santiago next year I can’t wait. The city has had an effect on you, I can notice. Enjoy it while you are there. It won’t be the last of it you will see, trust me!

    • It’s a great old city. Tomorrow I’m going to check out the pilgrims mass. One pilgrim I came across told me it doesn’t matter that its all in Spanish and that it will still have an emotional impact on me.

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