My First Day Off

Yesterday after making that video, I was so tired, hungry, cold and damp that I wanted nothing more than to find shelter for the night.

I never ventured into the cathedral. It was already 8pm.

And so I whipped out my trusty smart phone and went on I searched for hotels using my current location and learned which ones had vacancies along with their rates. I booked my hotel and then used my phone to find it.

What did people do before smart phones? I could not imagine traveling solo without one unless I had a ton of money to spend. Money makes me feel safer somehow.

Anyway, I attract characters wherever I go. Not people, but characters. I attracted this french man who spoke fluent French and Spanish but not a lick of English. He kept insisting that he help me, but he was pointing me in the wrong direction and not understanding or listening to anything I said.

He stopped several people asking them where a street was – some random street that I wasn’t even looking for.

Me – “No it’s okay I’m not looking for that street. I’m looking for Hotel Windsor. It’s right up here.”

He talked and pointed some more, stopping another person to ask nonsensical questions.

Him – “She said far. Very far.”

Me – “Hotel Windsor. Aqui.”

I told him the street I wanted. We were on it. I told him we were on it, but he kept pointing and shaking his head until a woman came over who heard everything and told him we were on the right street.

It was a comical scene. Something from Monty Python. I was losing patience with this guy who insisted on helping me and walking with me.

When I got into my hotel room, I stripped down to nothing and buried my body under the blankets. It felt truly marvelous. The only thing I lacked was food.


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11 responses to “My First Day Off

  1. Jim E

    Buy the shirt, you deserve it! Hope you enjoy your chill time in Santiago!

  2. Santiago is amazeballs! I love it there…enjoy your downtime Melanie!

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