Day 27

This doesn’t feel like the camino anymore. I stayed in my own individual room yesterday and today I taken a taxi and I’m staying in an actual hotel room.

Money may not bring happiness, but it sure helps in getting you healthy again. I spent $100 these past two days all because I’m sick.

But I’m also bored and I haven’t talked to a fellow pilgrim in two days.

I’m too tired to write.

I’m such a pampered wuss.

I feel myself being pampered wherever I go though. The taxi driver today when he brought my pack inside the hotel for me. The hotel people feeding me coffee, cookies and cake as soon as I arrived (for free!) and treating me like their special guest. The grocer giving me a free peach because I accidentally told him he speaks great Spanish while I actually meant to say English.

I feel safe here. Like these people really care. They make me feel welcomed.

The Camino extends outside the path and envelopes their country in holy hospitality.

I can see why people get sucked into this experience and keep coming back. I feel I have a clear purpose here whereas at home, it’s blurred. I sometimes feel like the ugly duckling at home, but here I’m swimming with the swans.


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6 responses to “Day 27

  1. Hey gal, where are you. I am i Acebo, about 15 km from Ponferrada. Sorry you are not feeling so good. Maybe see you alonng the way. donn’t know if you ahead or behind.

    • Hi Steve I’m in Cacabellos. Tomorrow I’m going to trabadelo. It’s only 20km and I’m going to try my best to make it there by foot.

      • I might take a taxi or bus across Ponferrada. I have no desire to walk through any industrial stuff again. Keep in touch, Steve

        • Ill be in Santiago June 22 and I’m staying for 4 days so I’ll probably see you again. I drove thru ponferrada and it didn’t look like a pretty city, but I could be wrong. Everything looks different from the backseat of a taxi.

  2. rockyb4321

    Don´t worry Melanie!! Hang in there and do what you need to do!! I´ll probably miss you since I´m going at a snails pace, but things are going well for me. I´ll be thinking about you! Get better soon!

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