Day 25

I starting feeling better on this day but instead of taking it easy, I pushed my limits yet again.

I slept on the floor of a church amongst a swarm of weary travelers.

I went to the pilgrims blessing at 7PM, dinner at 8:30PM – I wanted to be in bed by 8 but that wasn’t happening.

I finally crawled into my sleeping bag much later than expected. I think it was around 9:30.

I clutched my hanky and kept water close by in case of coughing fits.

Lights went out at 10PM but I couldn’t sleep because a woman kept loudly clearing her throat. She cleared it compulsively every 5 minutes for the entire night.

I wanted to punch her in the face. Yes that’s right, punch her in la facha. Around 4AM someone finally let out an exasperated Shush.

Today was the worst morning ever. I walked about 12km and settled in a town 8km short of my destination. I hate this. It throws me all off.

I was just starting to fall in love with the camino and now she gets me sick! Why Camino, why?

I splurged on a nice room for $35. I can’t risk albergues anymore. Sleeping closely with strangers and sharing limited bathroom facilities can get quite germy. It only takes one person to infect everyone.

Yesterday we had two toilets for 25 people!

And now I’ve been laying in bed all day sleeping, blowing my nose and watching American reality tv shows. I can’t believe Spain watches this stuff.

Shit I’m so tired.

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