Day 24

I’m pushing my limits a bit too far.


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12 responses to “Day 24

  1. Stay well! (that’s the mom in me!)

  2. Melanie, I don’t know where you are. I am in Ascebo or something like that, about 15 km before Ponferreda. Hope I see you along the way. You may be ahead of me. Steve

    • Omg I can kill WordPress app. I just wrote a long reply and lost it. I’m in Cacabellos. I had to take a taxi here cause I’m sick. Tomorrow I’m going to trabadelo by foot. It’s only 21 km but I start getting tired after 5 km.
      You’ll catch up to me cause I’m only doing 20km days from here in out.

      • You are a full day ahead of me. Don’t know when I will see you unless you stay over one day. Keep in touch. Steve BTW, I have lost several comments like that. Frustrating.

      • Melanie. I am in La Portela Valcarce. Tomorrow o cibiere or how you spell it. Top of big hill. Where are you? Steve

        • Hi Steve I’m in tricastella. The town of three castles that no longer stand. It’s morning and I’m having dosoyanyus and nursing a hangover. I think today I’m either staying in serria or barbellos. Today is Saturday the 15th.

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