Day 20 (yesterday)

I’m sick of people. There’s way too many people hiking the Camino. Sure I can handle meeting a few, but there’s hundreds here. An unprecedented amount of Americans too.

I’m avoiding those cute boys I keep running into. It’s just too much drama for me. Earlier, I went outside on the balcony of my hotel and seen them all walk by under me. I prayed none of them looked up.

I’m shocked at just how anti-social I’m being.

No wait that’s not entirely true, I AM antisocial! I’m a little too self-reliant. It’s not society rejecting me, it’s me rejecting society. I don’t fit in because I don’t want to fit in, I don’t care enough to belong.

I miss my original group of people. I don’t want to be around attractive men or a large group. I’m older than my years. I just want peace.


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5 responses to “Day 20 (yesterday)

  1. Melanie, Jill and II decded to call it off at the halfway point, so we are in Leon for a couple of days and then in Santiago for three. Then on Monday Jill goes to England till the 25th and I head back to Texas. We have had a great time together, but decided 250 miles was enough for us. Missed seeing you but will keep following your Camino. Steve

    • Believe it or not I’m actually envious of you both! I appreciate the camino but it can get super boring and I think I’m getting a bunion. I’m almost done. I’m going to Leon tomorrow but was going to try to walk past it. 33 km in all. If I stay I’ll try to contact you.

      • Melanie, We are staying at the Hotel la Posada Regia and will be here tomorrow night also. Leave for Santiago by train on Friday at 2 pm. Love to see you if it works out. You been trucking, girl. Could not watch your “drunk” video as it kept cutting off. You will have to tell us all about it. Hang in there and hopefully see you tomorrow.

        Steve & Jill

        • Lol the drunk vid is nothing special. It’s best to wait for a great connection. I’ll contact you tomorrow if I stay in Leon. If I don’t end up staying ill be walking a crazy 33km. I walked 30 today and I’m so tired and out of it. But I’m excited to see the end nearing. About 14 more days. I can beat these 14 more days I hope I hope.

        • I ended up taking a taxi from mansilla to Leon and I walked thru Leon until I reached la Virginia del camino and my feet told me to stop.

          It was a total of 33km minus 18 for taxi ride, so I only hiked 15 km today but it feels like so much more than that.

          I’m so tired and all I want to do is sleep and eat.

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