Camino day two


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8 responses to “Camino day two

  1. Hey Melanie. Jill and I met you in St. Jean at the hotel bar. Funny, I started following you before that, but nothing clicked to me. We did not leave SJPP till Friday as we had to get things posted to Santiago. Boy, was that a mistake. Started raining about 2 hours from Roncesvalle and then snow today. You were probably right ahead of the worst. At any rate, we are moving along. Just wanted to say hi. Steve & Jill

    • Lol that’s so funny! I love when people I know find my blog.

      I didn’t get very far at all. It’s day 3 for me and I’m still in Zubiri. Tomorrow I’m going to try for pamplona.

      My muscles are so sore. No blisters yet though.

      I can’t wait for the sun to come out. The weather is bumming me out.

      I hope to run into you guys again!

  2. How cool that you are sharing your trip with us…

    • Oh yeah and it will only get cooler my friend. I have two videos pending right now but can’t upload cause its bad Internet connection.

      Stay tuned….

  3. …what are you listening to as you walk?

    • I have an eclectic mix of just about everything from classical to country. I also have 3 audiobooks of funny comedians. I’m prepared. I couldn’t do the camino without music and laughter.

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