Camino Day 3

Day three sucks monkey balls. I’m a full day behind schedule. I’m supposed to be in Pamplona.

It was snowing and raining all day. I’m Miserable and don’t want to move. I would do a video blog but my roommate is here. He’s a soft-spoken Latvia man with a gentle soul. Earlier while he was napping, a loud Australian woman came into our 6-person dorm room and caused a ruckus. Instead of getting mad, Latvia complimented Australian woman on her Spanish.

“You speak very good Spanish.”

“Thank you, I learned it while living in Peru. I’m so sorry if I disturbed you, I didn’t see you up there ha ha.”

I’ve been opting for the top bunk. At first it was out of consideration for the older people who can’t make it up here, but I’m coming to find out they are in better shape than I am.

All I want to do is sleep, and all they want to do is go to the bar.

I went outside to the vending machines and bought what looked to be pretzels for my dinner (I’m not that hungry and don’t feel like spending $9 on dinner).

I opened up the bag and stunk up the whole dorm room.

“What odd thing is this?”

I pondered as I popped a “pretzel” in my mouth.

Nope not a pretzel. The ingredient is listed as pork shavings. Salty and soft on the underbelly but crunchy on top.

Latvia is so cute. I think he’s going to take another nap. Nope he’s reading his guide book again.

I’m too tired to go to dinner. I can’t eat my pork shavings because they really do smell bad. All I have is my orange from yesterday.

Today was brutal. The small distance that I did walk was cold and wet. My feet are sore and I think I have the beginnings of tendonitis on my Achilles’ tendon. I can feel the adhesions as I flex my foot up and down. It’s said to heal within 3-6 months. I had to pack snow on it today while walking – that’s how bad it got.

I’m in rough shape and its only day 3!

So sore….
So tired….

I somehow lost a pair of underwear.


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12 responses to “Camino Day 3

  1. Lesson 1 of the Camino- you are not in control- you are where you are supposed to be! So relax and enjoy the trip as it unfolds…

  2. I dont feel so bad. Those are our sentiments as well. We too are behind. Love the Camino, huh?

    • Do I love the camino? Well, I love that I’m actually doing it, but I don’t love how sore my body is while doing it. I will start to love it in maybe 3 to four more days when my body gets stronger.

  3. Ava

    Take a day off tomorrow perhsps and stop looking at your schedule. Adjust…it’s what superior beings do! xo

    • Ava

      PS Eat! You must nourish your body! You are burning more calories than normal and need the fuel!

      • You would be majorly disappointed with me today especially. I was actually considering skipping dinner because it cost 12 euros and I was only going to eat a can of sardines. I can’t take care of myself apparently. Ava will take care of me! I’m such a baby. I miss you 😥

    • Lol I’m not yet superior. I have two more videos I need to upload but the internets not good here.

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