Ultra Light Packing List for the Camino De Santiago

Here are some links to all the stuff I’m bringing on the Camino.

I didn’t mention these in my video, but gel toe caps are fantastic!


The place where I bought my sleeping bag:


I bought my backpack at REI.  It feels perfect on my back.


1,000 mile socks

Sock liners (don´t need)

Outdoor research Seattle sun / rain sombrero  (this is an amazing hat!  Kept my head very dry, but can be too warm in summer.)

Guide book

Solar Charger (you don´t need this.)

Portable Cup

Mesh Bags

Pack liner (you can also use a garbage bag)

Ear Plugs


Platypus Big Zip

Small day pack (a grocery bag will work just fine.)

Dry packs

Blister stuff (I never used it.)

Backpackers panties  (great undies!)

Biodegradabile soap / shampoo

My official ultra light packing list for the Camino De Santiago:

First Aid kit

Moleskin, bandage tape, small scissors, etc..

Toe gel tips

Knee brace (caused me a heat rash.)


Sleeping pills


2 pair undies

2 pair 1000 mile socks

2 liner socks

Button down shirt (lightweight)

Long sleeve purple shirt

Long underwear

Tank top

T shirt


Head band

Bathing suit (don´t need.)

Outer Shells

Rain jacket (gortex!)

Down jacket

Rain pants

The essentials

Sleeping bag


Guide book

Itinerary / passport / I.D / Credit card (bring two credit cards in case one does not work.)

Travel towel

Platypus bottle

Journal / pen

Everything else

Pack liner (in lieu of pack cover.)

Secret travel pouch

Travel backpack for groceries / airplane ride (don´t need.)

3 mesh bags for loose items


Drain plug (no)

Clothes pins

Ear plugs

Eye shades

Head lamp (no need)


Small knife


Folding cup

Eat N tool

Rock from home


Iphone / earphones / charger / solar charger (no need)



Shampoo / soap / detergent bars

Comb / mirror


Toilet paper in ziplock

Deodorant (no dispenser)

Toothbrush / paste

Period stuff



Spanish cheat sheet (lighter than a book)

Good cheer

I just finished the Camino and will like to update my ultra light packing list.

You don´t actually need a bathing suit.  It´s Europe!  Luckily I decided to leave mine at home.

You don´t need liner socks when wearing 1000 mile socks.  Bringing those toe socks turned out to be extra weight.

You don´t need a solar charger while on the Camino.  I haven´t used mine once.  There are outlets everywhere.

You don´t need to bring a big bulky headlamp.  A small keychain light will do just fine, or your cell phone.

You don´t need that little travel pouch.  A grocery bag will work just fine (and it´s lighter).

You don´t need a drain plug.

I only used the medical tape, small scissors and bacitracin in my med kit.  The rest of it was extra weight.  There are tons of pharmacies along the way if you find that you do need something.

Everything else on the list I recommend.  A very strong piece of advice for you is to bring a warm rain jacket.  Don´t go cheap like I did, you will be soaked!  Gortex is the way to go.

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