10 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Okay, so I’m high again.  Please don’t judge me.

Anyway, I came across this video on YouTube and WOW, again, total recognition with all of this.  It’s simply mind-blowing and I’m left being amazed all over again.

I have ALL the signs.  I’m not going to get into them one by one, but I assure you, they all apply to me.  I’ve been seeing flashes of light everywhere in my peripherals lately!  It’s gotten to the point where I said to myself – “Okay, what’s going on here.  Am I having mini seizures?  What is this?”  Then I’d go into hypochondriac mode for at least a half hour after seeing these flashes.  But then I’d see movement with no flashes too!

I so badly want to buy a juicer and drink nothing but juice all day.  Everyday.  I’ve been feeling pressure on the top of my head, but I pass it off as having a headache.  I constantly feel creative, inspired and my thoughts DO NOT STOP.

Many things are relating to me on a very profound level! I don’t remember any other time in my life where I’ve felt anything this profound for months at a time.

These signs have been coming and going through-out my entire life.  I pushed them aside and slipped back into my patterns of work and friends.  How was I supposed to know what they were?  I thought I was going crazy!  And the thing about feeling like nobody understands, nobody’s there with me, it all relates.  To me, everybody seems to have a mental illness of some sort and I’m the only one left standing.  Do you know how alone that feels?  It sucks, that’s how alone it feels.

And my synchronicity has been off the hook.  It’s like a snowball that keeps coming.  Even now as I sit here texting my brother (who is also enjoying the sacred herb), he texted me while my phone was on silent, flipped face-down far away from reach.  I didn’t hear it go off, but what do I do?  I felt someone trying to reach me, so my intuition grabbed my phone a  moment after I received his text.  Which turned out to be a long philosophical discussion about confronting your demons.  My brother is seeking answers too!

My mind is blown.  Blown!

Honestly if it weren’t for the internet, I would still be asleep.  By asleep I mean, unenlightened.  There are so many layers!  It’s so easy to just forget everything, to put it all down, pack it away and find a mate, someone to love – if only to end the loneliness and these supposedly “crazy” notions.

The crazy thing is, I can choose!  I have a choice in the matter.  Just about everybody chooses to stay asleep.

I’m coming down off the pot.  I really need to sleep.  I just need to add that that Ikebana stuff is really intense.  If you understand Ikebana, you will get closer to awakening I promise.

There are people who are so concise in demonstrating truths that it feels to me like complete mastery of the mind.  That’s how I want to be when I write.  Anything that is written out of ego, is not good writing.  Same with Ikebana.  You put yourself aside and let that flower arrangement make its own statement.

I need to write about the reason we judge others, but I’ll save it for a different day.  Okay brain time to cool it.  I’m publishing this post, sorry for the typo’s or any errors in syntax.  Syntax are my greatest folly.  I just really  need to sleep.

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