The Foundation of Creative Thinking Part 4: The art of mastery

I’ve never experienced a real day of solitude in my life.  Real solitude is having you all to yourself.  Absolutely no worry or stress.  Having no outside influences that derail you from your self.  And you feel no guilt for choosing your solitude over others pressing for your time.  It is truly yours.  Having no desire, no wants.  You are at perfect peace in the moment and find bliss in just being.

Material objects become part of us.  They become an extension of ourselves.  A man is just a man, but a man with a stick is a man with a stick – he becomes more than just a man.  True solitude is placing yourself outside the desire of acquiring things.  If a simple stick can change a man, imagine what a gun can do.  Or imagine what attachment to a person, or people in general can do.  You become not your true self, but the property of outside influences.  Once dependent, always dependent.  You will never acquire the highest peak of realization.

If you are dependent on your job, you will find more ways to become even more dependent on it.  You attach yourself to different places that offer security.  The more places you attach yourself to, the safer you feel.  If you are dependent on seeking power, you will find more ways of attaching yourself to power.  But power is just another thing.  It’s not real freedom.

You stop owning yourself and let your fears own you instead.

I have one client today at 7 pm.  The day is completely wide open for me to explore and find a small fragment of solitude.  My last full work day was Saturday and now it’s Wednesday.  The last 3 days I spent with friends, so these last three days were not my own.  But today is a break – a true break.

This is my time, I have no stresses.  My life is truly a brilliant hue today and will remain a brilliant hue from here on out.

When you desire something for the sole reason being that it satisfies a selfish ego need, it does not contribute to your overall well-being, nor does it contribute to others well-being.  It is enclosed in itself, feeding off others (or objects) like a parasite.

But art is desire absent of acquiring.

I have a strong passion to write – I am in a way, attached to my blog.  I feed off experiences I acquire, but I give back by trying to make sense of it all.  I write for my own well-being, and in turn, possibly effecting others as well.  Here in my blog, I turn experiences into knowledge, and if I’m lucky, knowledge into wisdom.

Art is both finding and creating your true self.  And in my experience, this is done through….experience.

Critics who depend on inspiration but can not receive it from the creations of others, critique.  They are in fact artists themselves, forming the perfect ideological masterpiece from bits and pieces that their critiques acquire.  But they are dependent upon other people’s mistakes to feed their own inspiration and vision.  As long as they are dependent, they will never be able to create anything of beauty.  It doesn’t matter how much knowledge they have, or how much art they seen – once dependent, always dependent.  Always dependent until they step out of the mode of critiquing and find their own source of light.  Critic’s can become the greatest masters.

There’s a saying that goes “You either got it or you don’t.”

I’m trying to understand the ways of “getting it”, and if I “get it”, then maybe you will too.

To recap my Foundation of Creative Thinking series, it all starts with the ability to let go of all thought.  Let go all the struggle’s that are listed in the lower tiers of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  Once you find yourself in a stress-free zone, you are primed and vulnerable to start creating your true self.  Don’t create and pull from outside sources, pull from within and have faith in nothing but yourself and what the universe brings your way.  Trust it is there to guide.  Find your solitude and place all desires aside.  Be mindful of your thoughts, but know they are thoughts that don’t belong to you, but are a product of your physical brain doing what it does.

The place I want you to attain is the place of feeling, knowing and believing.  It’s a place void of language.  This is where you find your true self and passions, but it’s also a place of creation.  The warm juicy center that is ripe for progress – for evolutionary progress.  You hold it in your hands.  You are the creator of all that you are.

You can find this center in almost every endeavor you practice.  Any form of art, you can find this center.  A sandwich maker, a plumber, landscaper, surgeon, someone who cleans houses – they are all forms of art.  Art can be found in anything that serves others – but you have to look at it in not the lower tiers of conscious, but of the higher – it’s there you will understand.

If you don’t have a vision to create, you can find it in serving others.  You can see the vision of what you hope for, and bring it to life with care, patience and passion.  Perfectionists are all artists to me.  To have that vision in your minds eye, and see it out.

Ikebana, the Japanese art of flowering arrangement, looks simple, but to the true master, they will tell you it’s really mastery of the mind.  To acquire the highest peak of vision and arranging it in a flower display, is true consciousness at its highest.  It’s mastery of minimalism.  What’s simple is true, and finding that simplicity takes practice.  You don’t practice by arranging flowers, you practice by mastering your mind.  If you can grasp the concept of what exactly Ikebana is, then you can grasp what creativity is.

You will be on the path to your higher self.

I can go on and on, but these posts really need to be short and simple.  It’s my own form of mastery I guess.  To capture the exact vision of what I’m trying to convey in my head – it’s hard!

Find your solitude and there you will find your true passion and true self.  If you can’t be passionate about being a sandwich maker, change it.  But maybe the answer lies in the sandwich….

If you can’t find yourself in the small things, you certainly won’t find it in the larger, or anywhere else for that matter.  It all starts with the sandwich.


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  1. Thank you for reposting my essay alongside yours! It was a very interesting read.

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