The Foundation of Creative Thinking Part 3: Maslow

Physicists are coming to realize that this world is a hologram built upon tiny sporadic influxes in an infinite sea of potential possibilities.  And our minds play a huge role in manifesting our thoughts into reality.  It is however, a group effort.  We are all but one being of conscious energy working together to create the world around us.

Do you know what this means in regards to our creativity?  Limitless potential!

An American pastor named Robert Schuller once posed the question: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

Take your time and understand that quote because its truth is deeply embedded in the gossamer strands that entangle you with the infinite.  YOU are special.  YOU have gifts.  Natural talent is both equal to and the same as natural passion.  There is nothing in this world you should fear – not even death.  YOU are loved.  YOU embody strength.  All you need to do is find your awareness – your self awareness.  And believe.  All you have to do is believe in yourself.  The real question is, do you really want to?  Or do you not have time for that nonsense?

maslow's pyramid

Many people know about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  I agree with it, how can I not?  It seems straightforward enough.  But if it were my pyramid, I’d replace the need of Love/Belonging with Appreciation, Gratitude and Compassion for others.  Then I’d replace the Esteem section with Love, Compassion and Acceptance of yourself.  The tippity top would include all that other stuff he lists, but he left out the most important component –  complete and unfailing belief in yourself.

His Love/Belonging and Esteem layers tells us that we need others for validation.  Having this belief will make you dependent on external sources and therefore cripple the understanding that you are in fact an already perfectly whole person.

The middle parts are where people get tripped up.  If you stay dependent on external sources, you will find yourself digging for power, for control – manipulating others for approval.  You enter into a lifelong game of struggle to stay on top.

But nothing will fill you up as well as you can fill yourself.  And this is where solitude comes in.  Know thyself and know that only YOU can fix YOU – although you’re already perfect just as you are.

I had my watercolor class tonight.  I love this class – I love the lady’s in the class.  They are so freaking adorable that I want to cry just watching and listening to them.  They set up their little paint set with their brushes and expensive Aqvarelle Arches paper that the instructor insisted we buy.  They do their very best in attempting to paint as the teacher gives instructions.

We are all there trying to create art and learn.  It’s really a beautiful thing to behold – not the paintings themselves, but the women’s efforts are what make it beautiful.  Their quirks bring out the compassion in me.  I want to cradle them in my arms and say “Hey now you can do this.  Don’t worry about messing up, you can do this!”

The woman sitting next to me takes criticism very hard.  I feel her energy, so I know.  She’s trying to get better by laughing it off – she laughs at herself and started accepting that her work is no good, and can therefore be more accepting of criticism (but accepting and reception are not the same).  The fact that I can feel this happening all within her kind of freaks me out.

The woman sitting behind me is a sweetheart.  She loves everyone and wants to make everyone feel good.  But I also feel her energy – it calls out to me saying that she’s not as good or as talented as everyone else.  And the more crappy she feels about herself, the more she wants to make others feel wonderful.

I can see people plainly.  I intuit things and feel them.  It’s all emotion, all imagery without words to hold any of it down.  And it’s only through imagery and emotions where you start to believe in your potential – don’t try, Do.  Don’t act, Be.  See it, Paint it.

Writing about how to unlock your creativity is hard to do since the way into it is not through logic and reason.  There are no words for it.  It’s the part in you that doesn’t know language.

Think about it for a minute.  Can you tell yourself to believe in yourself?  No!  You have to actually embody it, you have to feel it.  Do you see what I’m saying?  Words have no power over what you truly feel or believe.  It’s like painting with water having no pigment.  You write with invisible ink.  If there is no belief behind your words, they are meaningless.

But then again once you know this, are you too scared to use it?  If you are, then you don’t believe in yourself.

Let go man, it’s simple.

For your exercise tonight I want you to think of something you want to do, but are too afraid to try.  You’re afraid of failing, being hurt or being judged, afraid of embarrassing yourself.  For me personally, one thing I’m afraid of doing is going to an auto dealership and test driving the car of my dreams.  I don’t want to do it because I’m a poor girl, a loser who still lives at home with her parents.  The salesman would see right through me and not give me the time of day, feeling like I’m wasting his time.

The thing with manifesting your reality is that you have to believe you already acquired all of that you wish for.  You have to act the part accordingly, exuding confidence and knowing.  If I believe I’m a person deserving enough to attend an open house mansion, or take a $200,000 car out for a test drive, then no other reality exists.  The universe will comply.  Your beliefs will bring all this into fruition – but you have to be diligent in fighting back those naysaying thoughts (and people).

Really look deep for those hang ups.  The one’s that seem to be the most “common sense” notions are the most powerful and very hard to release.  Remember that you have to feel it, not just say it, but feel it.

YOU are deserving!  You matter in the world.  If that salesman won’t humor me with a test run, that’s his own shit, not mine.  Don’t become the beliefs of what others think you are.

Think Maslow, think self-actualization.  Keep these thoughts steadfast through-out the day and don’t slack off because if you do, you’ll fall back into the dough of circumstance.

And now for your enjoyment, here’s what I painted in class today:

watercolor beach

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