The Foundation of Creative Thinking Part 2

In my last post I wrote in a round-about way that you should let go of any unnecessary thinking and be mindful of your habits.  This has to be done in order for you to discover your true depth.  And in order for you to find your depth (path), you must listen to your heart – your emotional intelligence.

I love my solitude so much because I long for some deeper meaning in life.  I never knew this about myself.  I craved solitude not for privacy, not to hide away from the world, but to discover what’s hidden in my heart.  When I’m around others, they take my heart, take my attention and corral my daydreams into believing they are wasted time.

Once I believe that my daydreams are a waste, I slip into addictions to sustain my well being.

I label these addictions as the things that don’t nourish or feed my soul.  Addictions hold me in a place where there’s a false sense of security.  They are devolutionary and not mindful. You have no control over your well being while it is being held by outside influences.  Those outside influences put distance between you and your true passions.

I go in and out of solitude.  When I don’t want to think, I hang out with friends.  I drink beer so I can easily slide into their company and transition myself into the dough of drifting.  When I crave solitude, I distract myself with books, games, or getting sucked into the bottomless (inter)web.  I distracted myself because I never knew what my solitude wanted from me.  I never knew until now.

The reason why I love being alone with my thoughts is because my dreams are not yet realized.  And it really is that simple.

The heart is not rational, it’s not literate in any language.  It speaks to you only using images and emotions.  You can’t teach yourself to get better at anything if your heart does not follow.  By feeding your heart emotionally packed images, it will proudly respond back in ways to help you further your journey (or destroy it).

This is why myths stick to us for thousands of years.  This is why they are seared into the flesh of our souls.   Myths use imagery and emotion as a key to our subconscious.  If the bible was written plainly as a “How To” manual, it wouldn’t have sold so many copies, and it wouldn’t be as remembered as it is today.  We respond and learn best when the whole brain is involved, not just the rational thinking parts, but the right hemisphere as well.  Unlocking your creativity is a whole brain process.

I’m not a believer in natural talent.  I believe in natural passion.  It’s only when we utilize raw emotion and passion to propel ourselves to that visualized outcome, do we reach the heights of creative genius.  And anyone can do this!

The first step (as vaguely stated in my last post), you have to quell the babble of your thinking mind.  Drop everything, just stop thinking and start feeling.  Let yourself daydream.  Let yourself feel things without having to analyze everything.  No matter how bad, or how good your thoughts make you feel, let them pass through you like a hollow reed.  If you don’t let them pass, you will be stuck in a place much like addictions hold you in place.

A pilgrim sets out on a solo journey completely unaware that he is really trying to escape the minds babble and find transcendence, his true purpose, his true passion.  It is a journey unwittingly taken to find your creative self, your true self.

Being able to think creatively, to me, is finely interloped with awareness – your souls blueprint.  It puts you in-line with creation, it puts you in-line with God.

I’ll write Part 3 as soon as it is unfolded to me.

I’m trying to keep these posts short because if I explain every little detail, it gets boring to read.  Use your imagination!

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