More of Melanie’s empowering philosophical ramblings. Does any of it make sense? You be the judge.

A few weeks back I massaged a devout christian lady who told me that God sent her to tell me to go with God on my journey to Santiago de Compostela.  If I didn’t go with God, my trip will be very bad.

She said this after I told her I see truth in all religions and that Hinduism was particularly interesting to me.

Client – “I feel that you have a choice to make while you’re out there and you can either choose God, or not.  If you don’t choose him, things will go very badly for you.  I know this!  He sent me to you!”

Me – “Thanks for the insight.”

Client – “You know what got me upset?”

Me – “No, what?”

Client – “Someone on Facebook left a comment to my friend telling her that she should  ‘find strength from within’.  But people don’t have strength from within, they find strength by pulling it from God.  God is out there.”

Me – “You don’t think God is within?”

Client – “I think he is separate from us.  It makes me feel protected that he’s there watching over me.  It takes the responsibility off myself.”

Me – “Oh, I see.”

She actually said that!  Using those same words.  Protected, not responsible, separate.  All that bullshit I came to learn on my own, is not the way of God, but the way of man.  Using fear alone to decipher the teachings of Christ.  None of it is real.  We are the one’s responsible, not God.

I asked ayahuasca if Jesus was a real man.

Aya – “There are many Jesus.’  They walk amongst you and live righteous lives as martyrs.  They live in pain so that others can see.  They can be seen everywhere you go.”

Me – “But was he real?”

Aya – “……”

Me thinking to myself – “Maybe I’m not ready to know.  But how could I not be ready to know that?”

People often become spiritual because of a life altering event that they need to make sense of.  They feel helpless, hopeless and without control.  They seek guidance and find their missing security and protection by worshiping their chosen idol whom could support and comfort them.

I’m sorry but, no.  That’s not my way of doing things.  To idolize and worship anything only tells me that I don’t have the power in myself, or that I don’t believe in myself.  I’m the lesser and will always be the lesser.

I believe Jesus was a flesh and blood man who knew that God was in him.  He knew it so immaculately that he was able to use the bounty of God’s power to save lives and change the course of humankind forever.  He was no different from anyone, only HE was truly awake.

To worship anything shows that it is separate from yourself.  That they are better, more deserving of their hidden talents and glorified traits.  Whenever I do anything entailing a high superiority of awesomeness, I shrug it off and say, “Eh, it’s no big deal.  Anyone can do it.”

I’m so humble, aren’t I?  I mean just look at how awesome I am and how humble I stay…yep, truly amazing.

Let’s look at reality for a minute.  The Camino for instance.  What exactly is the Camino?  The Camino is anything you want it to be.  If you want it to be a trek to find God and miracles, then that’s what you’ll find.  If you want to walk it to find yourself (you can never really find yourself), you’ll get closer to understanding, or it can be for exercise, scenery, friends – anything you want, that’s what it’ll be.

In my reality of the Camino, it looks like a hell of a lot of walking and a hell of a lot of partying everyday after each walk.  Beer and wine is aplenty.  To me it looks touristy, with all the amenities needed to survive without any real danger or work.  The only work you’ll be faced with is the walking.  The Camino looks to be safe and fun.  However, if you’re in a bad mental state, it can be miserable.  But this is the case for traveling anywhere or doing anything.  The Camino is exactly what you want / think it to be.  It can also be what you fear it is.

Try to see life in the big picture.  Keep an open mind to let in the grand scope.  Fear narrows our view of whats real.

If you focus on your fears, it will be a trying venture.  If you focus on your hopes, they will be delightfully surpassed.  Surrounding yourself with good company brings hope.  Surrounding yourself with negative company, brings fear.

And yes it is that simple.

Before I left for my trekking expedition to Nepal, I had a very powerful profound dream.  Long story short, I asked a tribesman if I will have fun on my Nepal trip and he told me to “Be the experience.”

I had no idea what he meant by that, but now I see.  I totally understand.  You can make it your own journey, manipulate it to your liking – we each have the power to do that.  It’s about putting yourself in a good frame of mind where nobody can touch you negatively.  You know the truth of life, and with that you trust.  You trust God, you trust yourself.

We all have the power, we can all be praised.

Wow, it’s so crazy the shit I write about when I have nothing to write about.

To sum up the post is this:  Be inspired, don’t idolize.  Praise and believe in your own imaginative power, be the experience, learn that life is meant to be fun and relaxed.  All hardships are only in your perspective and state of mind.  Hope is always found within.

Wait a tick, I just want to add one more thing.  Let’s look at the reality of those worshiping the lord.  If they believe in the lord, they also believe in his plan.  Everything happens for a reason according to his divine will.  This thought is comforting, but still the fear-stricken parishioner can’t let go.  Even though Jesus teaches people to trust him, people still can’t let go.  When we cling to religion through fear, it binds us.  If we lose all fear, in a way, we lose that which binds us to the lord.

It doesn’t mean that we lose faith or don’t believe, it just means that we don’t need him.  And the thought of not needing the lord is sacrilegious.  It can go so far as being seen as evil, and this is where people go wrong.  This is where judgement, blame and anger come from.

I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, I give my thanks and tip my hat, but I also witnessed the illusion of ego.  Those who seen what the ego is, can’t dispute its hold on us.

Part of growing up is taking responsibility and not having to rely on anyone.  God doesn’t want us to rely on him, it’s not him that makes miracles, it’s us!

It’s just that the way the world is set up, it’s in a way where people stay asleep in darkness.  Our government anoints a new idol for the people to worship and believe.  We praise the new anointed leader and follow in his greatness, because us alone are not great enough.  We don’t know any better and must be controlled.  And you know what?  The government is right.  We receive only that which we give.

In my religion, I throw up my hands to it all and laugh.  Laughter is my true religion.  Laughter and not taking anything seriously.  Don’t take my blog seriously.  Seriously, don’t.

My favorite comedic actor is the late great Leslie Nielsen.

And now for your enjoyment, sit back, relax, enjoy some buttery popcorn and a foul tasting Heineken, and watch this 4 minute clip.  Curtesy of yours truly, and the people of YouTube and all those of you who fought against SOPA.


You are sorely missed my friend.

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