Melanie on gun control

This is a huge topic now-a-days since the elementary school shooting that took place 10 days ago.  Shootings happen all the time, in malls, colleges, post offices, but the people slain have to be really short and really cute for gun control laws to spark a debate.  I don’t often write about politics, but I can’t resist this one.

Um Okay, where to start…..

Basically, I believe in individualism.  To each his own.  The more the government intervenes, the more power they have over us.  And without our freedoms, people will evolve into dependent slaves seeking their “entitled” cut.  Everyone becomes spoiled and stagnant.

I’m not a fan of government intervention, or changing the Constitution.  Unless of course we’re talking about that unlawful 18th amendment.  Women bitched and moaned about not having any rights, while the men lollygagged and drank themselves silly.  But as soon as the alcohol ran dry, women could no longer be tuned out.  So I guess the 18th amendment served it’s purpose after all.  After a long struggle with many bitch slaps, we got our way two years after the start of prohibition.  It’s easier to give women what they want rather than listening to them bitch while you’re sober.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to our second amendment.  The right to bear arms.  Call me crazy here, but have you seen the guns of the 1780’s?  They took about five minutes to load.  One bullet at a time.  If the founding fathers saw our guns today – would they still say everyone has a right to them?

There are approximately 300,000,000 guns in the US.  One per citizen.  About 99.99% are never used lethally.  40% of these guns are sold on the black market by private owners who don’t do background checks.  Something about these numbers irks me.  There are way too many guns circulating!  The more guns, the more fatalities.  Just like with cars – the more cars on the road, the more accidents.  It’s simple math – simple statistics. People should not need/want/feel they should own more than one gun.  And if they do own a gun, it shouldn’t be a military assault rifle!

Why would anyone want to own more than one gun?  Let’s look at those people.  When buying more than one gun, is it still purchased for safety reasons?  Or is it purchased out of some delusional paranoia?  These people can very well be paranoid fear breeders.  The kind of person who would actually use a gun to harm somebody – anybody who messes with them.  They are power and control seekers.  It’s not about safety anymore, it’s about control.  Gun shopping on the weekends, hoarding bullets, bullet proof vests….What are these people expecting to accomplish by accumulating a small arsenal of highly deadly weapons?  These are the people that should be monitored.

Sure there are responsible adults out there that respect the power of guns, but accidents do happen.  Carelessness happens, fear and paranoia happen to the best of us.  The more guns, the more accidents and violence.

It’s one thing to have a cool interesting hobby, but the intentions and motivation for their “hobby” is what troubles me.

I know there are collectors out there, and people who inherited guns owned by their deceased relatives, sure that’s fine.  There’s always a story and way to explain all the guns in your house.  But when does it get to the point where they can’t be explained?

In our current American culture, guns will not be abolished.  They will never be abolished because we are not peaceful people.  As long as we are driven by fear – locking our doors, keeping kids inside to play, being scared of a passerby walking down a dark deserted alleyway, we will continue to bear arms.

From my viewpoint, I don’t see abolishment happening anytime soon.  I’m being realistic.  Our culture is chock full of scumbags.  We are a violent and deranged society.

When the government intervenes, there will always be an opposing, equally powerful force that counter-acts.  It’s all a game really, when you immerse yourself in a narrow-minded belief system, it becomes a game of tug of war – two opposing forces.  Using force, not peace to solve the problem.

When the government intervenes, they fail to see the circular logic.

Statistically, the poor show more gun violence, so let’s spread the wealth.  But spreading the wealth entitles people and makes them lazy – it keeps them poor.  Plus they have all that extra money now for even more guns and drugs….

The government cracks down on the fight against drugs, incarcerating people and ruining their future – keeping their families poor violent gunslingers waiting for their entitled handouts.

If they got rid of automatic military-grade assualt weapons, people will counter-act with buying up an arsenal of small legal guns.  But no matter what gun they use, whether it be assault rifles or single shot pistol, it still only takes one bullet – they are equally deadly.  Their house can still be broken into and have those little single shot pistols allocated to the kids that broke in.

It’s circular logic.  They need to stop fighting and start educating.  Many people say these massacre’s happen because God is no longer in the classroom.  I believe if God is placed back in the school’s curriculum, they need to teach all religions, not just the one.  Which I can’t foresee happening, so let’s keep reasonable here.

I think psychology and philosophy are HUGE.  Psychology being the science of how our brains work, and philosophy is the study of why our brains work.  Philosophy is the substance, while psychology is the tool.  Psychology is truth and philosophy the meaning.

They should teach psychology as soon as the kid enters pre-school.  Psychology should be part of a students curriculum from day one.  Nothing is more important than to learn why/how/and who we are.  It’s actualization, it’s creativity and knowing.  It’s creating yourself before the circumstances you are born into has the chance of shaping you unknowingly.  The child can learn to love and accept their parents once they can see and understand their faults.  They can love them instead of fight them because they understand and gain compassion.

And quite possibly it can even derail bullying.  Bullying is a form of abuse and it’s way overlooked.  The bully can learn psychology so they won’t need a psychologist.  That’s my reasoning at least….

Philosophy can let the child think freely and creatively on their own.  Giving them power, choice and meaning.  Everyone has a little philosopher in them waiting to emerge.

The government needs to stop fighting, stop controlling and start educating.  The pursuit of knowledge should be taught as the most vital currency.  The more knowledge a person has, the more compassionate.

The government plays on our hearts – pulls our heart strings with altruism.  They use our own guilty conscience against us.  That’s why many of us say it’s okay for them to spread the wealth, it’s okay to abolish guns – it’s being an altruistic American.  But I strongly believe it should be our choice.  We should want to help the poor and we should feel safe enough to not want a gun.  Taking our choices away does not change what’s in our hearts.  It only reinforces our lack to exist for ourselves.

No one ever existed for their own good.  It’s always “exist for the church, exist for the military, exist for the poor, exist to feed your family” – when do we exist for ourselves?  Altruism is not realistic unless you, yourself chooses to starve and live on the streets.

Ayahuasca taught me “To each his own.” But she also taught me that giving is everything.  The way I deciphered these two independent epiphanies is that I should treat others as I would like to be treated, and that person has the free will to do as they please with what I give.  I can not force, can not judge, only hope they choose what’s right.  What’s right for them, not what’s right for me.

That is the answer there.  To educate and not force.  To allow choice and freedom because the alternative is a narrow-minded trap of illogical circular control.  We have to rise above it, not immerse ourselves in the battle (endless tug of war), but rise above.  With each new generation, we can change, grow and evolve into a loving safe world.

We are not the government, we are people.  The government should be the people.  We should be given the respect and the rights to control ourselves.

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