Once Upon A Time There Was a Meme


I discovered a meme maker.  I can sit here for hours playing with it.  I posted the above on my business’ facebook page.

My next client doesn’t arrive for another two hours.  Shall I nap?  Read?  I feel more like reading then writing today.  My brain needs a rest.

Today I woke up at 8 am, arrived to work at 11 and massaged for two hours.  Now I get to sleep or read for 2 hours until I massage for another hour, then go home to my moms home-cooked meal and being $160 richer.  God I love my life.

When I was working at the spa in Cheshire, I would sit there answering phones and washing sheets being completely miserable.  I sat there and became tired, stupid, cranky.  My mind couldn’t focus and I felt helpless – lethargy and melancholy overtook me.  But now I’m sitting here in my own office answering phones and making memes, and yes I’m sleepy, but I’m happy.

Following my heart energizes me and makes me happy.  Progressing and taking action is all that is needed to revitalize.  The same thing happened to me at Massage Envy.  I would sit on the couch waiting for my next client to check in, and I would get extremely tired.  The only thing that refreshed me was taking a break and blogging at Starbucks.  It brought me back to my source, my core – my hidden energy to tap into.

I just need to go to bed earlier.  I stayed up late last night watching new episodes of Merlin on Netflix.

I’m not sure if any of you out there watch Merlin (great show), but there’s a part in it that trouble’s me.  In the first few episodes, Prince Arthur was assumed to marry Morgana, a ward of the castle.  She was believed to be the daughter of the Kings close friend.  But then come to find out Morgana was actually the Kings daughter, princess Morgana and sister to Arthur.


This troubles me because the King knew the whole time Morgana was his daughter, but still allowed Arthur to pursue and flirt with her.  And the show never addressed this issue!  Why would the King allow his kids to hook up with each other?

Lord I’m such a dork.

But I love mythical shows like this.  I can’t help it.  There’s always a hero and always a villain.  There’s no grey area.  There’s too much grey in real life, too much confusion.  But in shows like this, if you grasp the back story of the villain, you can see what turned them. It’s always greed, or fear, vengeance, envy – lots of envy!  And the villains try to take down the happy good people.  They want what they have.

Show’s like these are a simplified version of reality.  You can relate to the characters and what they’re feeling because their feelings are universal.  Everyone in real life is both good and evil – only a handful are hero’s.  Every person on earth has all the bad qualities of a villain, and the more they deny them, the more pronounced they become and the more they let these bad emotions control them.  They do it out of self-preservation.  It’s nearly unavoidable.

So yeah, I would like life to be more cut and dry like the fantasy world of middle-earth.  Turn greedy people into Golem’s, the envious into evil witches and the sadistic into those siamese cats on cinderella.

I’m an escapist into fiction fantasy.  My imagination allows for this form of entertainment.  I shall continue my RPG’s, enjoy the latest Disney and Pixar films, and escape into a world that is less deceitful than our own.

Nap time!


Here’s the link to the meme maker:  http://www.quickmeme.com

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