My First Real Estate Investment Meeting

Real Estate = Big Money

Real Estate = Big Money (Photo credit: thinkpanama)

My asian mentor clients taken me to my very first investment meeting tonight.  They warned me not to buy anything, and to only learn for now.  There are many Guru’s and real estate investment courses out there, and they all make valid points that work, but I need to sit back and get the basic gist of what they’re selling before investing in any of them.  I don’t even need to invest in them, I can do it all on my own as long as I’m knowledgeable enough.

Asian mentor – “Educating yourself is the most important thing to do.  Investing is not easy, it can be very tricky, but if you know what you’re doing, you’ll be fine.  Keep your eye on the prize.”

The meeting was held at a hotel in Cromwell.  The room filled up quickly with only standing room left.  Most of the people there were already house flippers (rehabs they call it), or landlords.  Some were already successful in making a steady stream of income each month.  All in all, it was very informative and inspiring.  I talked to a few people during the 15 minute networking segment, and they shared the same enthusiasm as did my mentoring clients.  They all had a spark to them, or a happiness.  It sounds corny to say, but they did seem oddly happy.  Perhaps it was a room full of optimists.  Or maybe not optimists, but uncanny false hopes?  I shall investigate further…

Everyone there was nicely dressed while I came in my baggy jeans and big oversized hoodie.  I looked disheveled as always, but brought my MacBook with me which made me look cool.  I’m glad I brought it because of all the note taking.  Everyone else was fumbling with old fashioned writing utensils while I sat there in ease, dancing my fingertips over the keys.

Attending a meeting such as this is so far removed from my normal routine.  It’s an entirely different mindset.

If I didn’t attend the meeting, I would have gone to Billy O’s.  That’s a fact.  And making a choice to go to the meeting instead, is sort of defying my old self.  I’m a boozer, not an investor – not a savvy business lady who’s all figures and numbers, no, that’s not me at all.  It felt like I was stepping outside myself and entering into a different world.  A world that can crush me?  Perhaps, but it can’t be any worse than if I stay a lush living at home with my folks.  I at least have to try, right?

I’ve been to two AA meetings before.  AA meetings and investment meetings have scary similarities.  Both praise and grant rewards to the people who succeed.  Both allow in guest speakers for motivation and inspiration, networking with others for support, idea’s on overcoming obstacles.  These meetings feel more like clubs.  And in both clubs, the members believe in an underlining higher source that empowers us.  If we want something badly enough, take the steps to achieve it, we will acquire it.

I personally never cared for clubs.  Something about them always skeeved me out.  I have no idea why, I truly don’t.  Book clubs, sewing clubs, meet-up groups, eh, not for me.  What is it about them I don’t like?  Hmmm….Maybe because I get annoyed easily.  Maybe I really am critical of others.  I have little patience.  Everyone wants attention and to be thought of as “normal.”  Hardly anyone is real, you know?  Plus being a member of a club always felt a bit elitist,  but that can be due to my inferiority complex.

There was this one guy sitting next to me tonight who smelled of ass and kept coughing every 3 minutes – loud gagging coughs, the kind that sound like he might puke.  He was obesely overweight and encroaching onto my chair.  It pissed me off.  A person with a persistent cough is one thing, but to also smell like colon is a whole other issue.  And he kept raising his arm up like he was going to elbow me in the face.

Note to self:  Arrive early and snag an aisle seat.

First impressions of an investment meeting?  Good, I think.  I don’t know….Yes.  Good.  Definitely good.

My homework for this week:  Finish reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, buy a book about real estate investing and finish my vision board.

I also have lot’s of idea’s for my little massage business.  I have lots to do.


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