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energy (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Yesterday kicked my ass.  Truly 100% kicked my arse.  I was hungover and ended up having to massage for 6.5 hours.  2 of those hours were my asian mentor clients.

My massage room was dark, lit up by my Himalayan salt lamp and a small lamp shaded over with a scarf.  Soft music playing.  It was very warm and inviting.  The couple wanted to stay in the room while the other got massaged.  I don’t blame them, the ambiance in here is killer.  But I admit, it’s weird.  My job is very weird.  Throw in a happy rich young couple, and you got yourself a party.

The wife sat on the bench playing a game on her cell phone while I rubbed lotion up and down the body of her smiley hubby. Then, after his massage, the hubby sat on the bench in complete relaxation, smiling even more than ever while I rubbed his Mrs. up and down.  The three of us alone in the empty building late Sunday night.  Warm atmosphere, soft music and we talked about life.

Husband – “It’s so funny how certain people are drawn together.  Like-minded people find each other.”

Wife – “We were meant to meet you.”

Husband – “It’s law of attraction.”

I got all weird on them and started rambling about the universe, letting my black aya eyes show through.  Here is the gist of my ramble:

Me – “According to the big bang theory, everything, the entire universe was a singularity.  Everything was mashed together and inter-woven.  All energy that exists and will ever exist was tangled together to form one single dot.  If that theory is true, than everything we see is fundamentally, energetically intertwined and connected.  Space does not exist.  It’s just an illusion.  What we see as space is actually energy – all space is filled with it.  This is how we’re able to feel what other people feel.  We feel their energy.  Even if that person lives half-way around the world, we can still feel them.”

Me – “And since we’re all connected, if aliens really do exist, we would be connected to them as we are all connected with the universe.  We are one with the universe.”

Wife – “I always believed that about aliens.  That they’re like us.”

Me – “We’re all the same.”

I knew before I opened my mouth to speak, I was going to let out a long philosophical ramble, but I did it anyway despite criticism or judgement.  I felt I had something to share, and people who have something to share, take the risk in doing so.  And they were pleased that I did.

I shared with them, and they shared with me.  They shared with me the harsh realities of being wealthy.

Them – “You’d be surprised how it changes people.  You learn first hand who your real friends are.  They all feel entitled to what you have and keep taking and taking and drain everything you have.  When you acquire wealth, you should keep it a secret for as long as you can.”

Me – “I share everything though.  I’m a giver.”

Wife – “The more you share, the more people will expect it.  They feel entitled.”

Me – “That’s really sad.”

Wife – “It is sad.  You have to get rid of those people in your life.”

It was Amy’s exact words.  She lost nearly everyone.  They all got mean and turned against her.

Wife – “Just be ready for that.  They can have what you have, but they need to do it for themselves.”

Evil envy strikes again.  I never been envious, never asked for anything from anyone.  I know deep down that I could have what everyone else has, so why be envious?  And besides, I love me!  Not once in my life did I ever want to be someone else – not ever!

It seems like this whole year has been an eye opener in seeing the true nature of people.  Everyone’s egoistic hedonists with tunnel vision and unwavering beliefs formulated around fear and violence.  They don’t see reality, only what they want to see.  And when someone has what they want, it becomes a fixation of unfairness or inequality.  They think they are the voice of reason, of what’s true and good – hearing and seeing only what pleases them and reinforcing their beliefs with others who also share similar feelings.  With these people you’re either for or against.  There is no you, only them.  And they want what you have.  They can stack an entire army against you.

People have to know their fear in order to know their pain.  The only problem with that is having to admit somethings wrong with them in the first place!  And who the hell wants to do that?  Me, I want to do that.  I’ve been trying to break this Melanie code since I started writing from my heart.  It makes the Da Vinci Code look like patty cake.

Beliefs warp the mind!  I have no beliefs.  I’m an empty book.  You tell me about your success and it inspires me, I don’t think I’m entitled to anything other than inspiration.

A person who has no envy in their hearts, has to learn about it like an autistic person learning facial features – we just don’t understand.  We know it’s there, but don’t get it.  I sincerely don’t get it!

But it’s there.  It’s heavily all around us, in everyone!  Well, 90% of us according to my calculations.

I’m home in bed.  Super tired – way way beyond tired and it’s not even 10pm.  I have to put my blog down before it gives me insomnia.  I honestly want to blog off my fingertips, but it can’t be done tonight.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to write about how I almost died in yoga today – really!  I almost died!

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