I didn’t vote, I guess that makes me a non-patriotic American then, huh?

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This post was published November 8, 2012.  It’s a political rant.

Yesterday was election day.  I loathe politics.  I think it’s all a sham.  I never mention politics in my blog because of the sheer panic and frustration that goes with it.  Yes, I panic whenever I think about politics.  It’s a helpless feeling, really.

Obama and Romney are one in the same.  Both of them want to enslave the world.  Am I being dramatic?  Okay, maybe a little..

(Or maybe not)

But then again, I also think 9/11 was a conspiracy.

I figured I should pop that one out now in the beginning so that way you won’t have to waste your time reading a post written by an utterly paranoid wack-a-doodle.

But for those of you who continue to read, welcome fellow wack-a-doodles!  The truth will set you free.

Here’s what my ayahuasca addled brain is telling me:

We’re all going to be enslaved socialists owned by banks.  The more I make, the more they take.  My labor becomes the property of another – which in my book, is enslavement.

Let’s be rational adults and think for a moment.  Every bill they passed is designed to redistribute my hard earned backbreaking work.  The Stimulus bill, Obamacare, financial reform bill, trade and immigration reform bills – is it just me or is this madness?  Where are our liberties?  Where are our freedoms?  All these new bills have been crafted to redistribute wealth.

How is nobody else seeing this?!

They’re putting a cap on how much wealth you’re allowed to have.  Keeping the ferociously rich multibillionaires in power, while the poor laborers farm and build – searching for any fallen scraps beneath the table during layoff’s and then gratefully appreciative of any gold nuggets being fed to them by their masters.  It’s a bit like Stockholm syndrome.

“Atta boy there you go, you earned that.  Now you go and take yourself a little break from all your hard work, we’re the government, we got you covered.”

Geez, this all sounds a lot like my last post.  The evil envious nay-sayers who believe your success should also be theirs are licking their chomps for a handout.  And the government says they’re entitled!  Envy wants to knock down those rich money bags like candy from a piñata.

God I hate politics!  Americans listen to the debates, listen to the public speeches – don’t they know all that they hear was planned ahead of time?  Obama has several speechwriters making hundreds of thousands of dollars to sway the people into buying into his Hope and Change spiel using viral memetic infection.  He not only practices what he says, but how he says it.  He always mentions an elusive hope, elusive change.  A tarot card reader states more specifics about the future than Obama.  He has mastered his wizardly wordplay and enraptured the 90% of idiots into his grand illusion.

I can’t think about this much longer, I’m starting to get panicky!

You know why we need a government?  To protect us from invaders, but mostly protection from ourselves.  To govern us as parents govern children.  I’m slowly learning (during my journey to find truth) that human nature at it’s lowest, is something vile and backstabbing.  They want to knock others down – take everyone down to their level.

Everyone has a natural instinct for self-preservation.  People want to make sure they’re going to be okay.  Sometimes at all costs.  They look to see that their bowl is overflowing before checking to see if their neighbors bowl has enough.  But if their neighbors bowl has more, they feel entitled to it.

It’s unavoidable human nature.  We’ve been cavemen for a much longer period of time than we have been civilized.

We are believers more than we are non-believers.  It’s inherent in us to be natural believers in anything rather than skeptics.  We are pattern seekers.  If one particular pattern works for us, we keep doing it over and over with the expectations of getting consistent results.  Patterns lead us to our beliefs.  We are superstitious seekers of justice relying on outdated modes of thinking.  We believe what we see, feel we are right, and seek out ways to change things to our liking.

Humans are dictated by pain and pleasure.  It causes people pain when they see others having awesome things in life while they suffer.  It’s not fair to them.  It causes them so much pain that they actually take pleasure in watching that other person fall.  It is so ingrained in human nature to do this, that the government is trying to control the anarchy with socialism.  For them to control who gets what, for how long and when.  Abundance will get leeched away regardless, but who’s going to be taken down?  The multibillionaires in charge or the little guy?  If the government lets the lower take from the middle, the low and middle stay the same while the fat cats hug their shoulders and grin in amusement.

It’s human nature.  And I’m just now learning about it.  And it’s prevalent everywhere!  Not just in my life, but in the very construct of our very own government.  It’s crazy!  Super crazy and scary and I HAVE to stop thinking about it.

Political thinking goes around and around like a fruit loop record in my head.

All politicians ever do is make promises.  Giving just enough to keep everyone hooked.  It’s like getting paid.  Employers pay their staff just enough to not want to quit.  That’s what the government does to us.  People naturally want to believe in them, we see patterns that make us believe in them, and the little bit that actually changes is just enough to have us hooked.

Plus the inspirational speeches of change – who can resist!

It’s all a diversion from the actual truth.

Okay Mel, let’s just calm down.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Yes, there you go.  Here, lets try to put things in perspective.  This world is an illusion remember?  Hang on to your sanity stockings and lets look at this pic.

This is the most massive photo ever taken.  What you are looking at right now on your computer screen is about 10,000 galaxies.

Each one of those galaxies contain anywhere from 10 million to  one trillion stars.

The average star is approximately a million times the size of earth.

All that is seen in this photo.  A photo that took 400 orbits and 800 exposures to take.

That being said, the universe is still more than 90% “empty.”

This photo is only one thirteen-millionth of the entire night sky.

Is that perspective enough for you?  Or too much perspective?  I don’t know.  Do I feel better? Eh.

Okay now I admit I’m under-educated in just about everything.  I really don’t know much about anything at all especially when it comes to politics and our future.  I always figured that people are generally good and will ultimately do the right thing, so why fret over it?  But the thing is, people are not generally good.  They are placed in circumstances where they feel they need to defend who they are, defend their rights and punish those who stand against them.

They don’t believe they are ever wrong.  They stand by their choices because their choices represents who they are.  Their stubbornness to be right only reinforces viral memetic infections.  They mistake stubbornness for strength.  They never concede, never change.  If a person changes, that’s admitting that something was wrong with them in the first place.  Their followers will continue to blindly follow and believe their leader is true, because as a follower, much like their leader, will refuse ever being wrong.

A million Iraqis lay dead along with 5 thousand US troops.  Is this right?  How is this right?  Who are the people that believe this is right?

There will always be coverups, and always pigheaded people who believe in those coverups.  Much like the anti-Semites believing there was never a holocaust.  Denial is a very powerful illusion.

Bill Maher is a perfect example of a pigheaded asshole.  He believes that he is always right, had Obamas back from the very beginning and refuses to believe anything negative about the guy.  And he really IS an asshole.  He has a group of followers that blindly listen to and believe everything he says without question.  It gets me so mad!  Nobody wants to think for themselves.  They all want to be told what to believe.  They’re all scared.  That’s why people cling to religion.  WWJD?

Everyone is blind.  If the people who stole from others, if they felt any pangs of guilt, guilt would lead them towards compassion, and compassion will lead to giving.  But nobody feels guilt anymore.  Our leaders are telling us we’re all awesome, deserving Americans – every child on a sports team these days gets a trophy – no one is better than anyone when it comes to sports and in life.  We’re all entitled to a slice.  We deserve everything, there is no room for guilt.  Welcome to the new America.

I went over Amy’s house after work yesterday on election day.

Amy – “Did you vote?”

Me – “Nope.”

Amy – “Me neither.”

We both burst out laughing.  It’s hilarious to me that people make such a big thing out of voting.  A lot of people don’t even care who you’re voting for as long as your voting.  It’s like calling a soldier unpatriotic for refusing to fight in a war, it doesn’t matter what the war is about or who started it, as long as they are fighting.

I refuse to play their game.  I don’t care.  I don’t care.  I am removing myself from the situation and going about my business. No more politic talk for this snarky blogger.

I mean just look at the people of North Korea!  They love their leader, learned to hate Americans, and if anyone utters one word out of protest towards their government, they get sentenced to a work camp. But not just them, their friends and families as well.  This can happen to us!  It can progress to that!

And the North Koreans have so much admiration for their leader it’s mind boggling. If you don’t believe in viral memetic infections, than this has to be proof enough, right?   But then again, 90% of you are idiots…

Shit, I have no idea if any of this makes sense.  Perhaps I should shut my mouth when I don’t know what I’m talking about.

It’s all just speculation really.  I half-heartedly wrote this post, I half-heartely believe it to be true because you know why?  Beliefs are conditioned thinking that keep you away from your creative free-will.  It’s true!  I believe that.  And nobody will tell me otherwise.


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2 responses to “I didn’t vote, I guess that makes me a non-patriotic American then, huh?

  1. “My labor becomes the property of another – which in my book, is enslavement.” I stopped reading at this. Do you have another suggestion as to how human societies can place value on the actions and services of another and provide something of equal or similar value in return? I’m sure we agree on many points but this just indicates you’re not thinking things through. So why should I keep reading?

    • I don’t know much about politics, so I’m just going on my perspective. All I know is that I work my tail off and I’m still broke being a small business owner. My clients are super happy and keep coming back, but I get nothing in return. My money goes somewhere else. It’s madness.
      That’s all I meant. That’s what it feels like to me anyway. But like I said, I don’t know much…

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