Day 54 of Groupon

I’m transferring all my new blog entries over here to my old beloved Melanieslifeonline.  The following was published October 31, 2012.  It sucks, don’t read it.


Its day 54 of Groupon and it seems the rush of clients is finally slowing.  I only massaged 181 groupon people out of 606, so I’m a little surprised it’s slowing up.  I’m surprised, but thankful.  I’m so behind on everything.  I have a long list of shit to do.  For the last 54 days, I had no time for anything, and the little time I did have was spent hanging out with friends, or blogging.

I’m beat.  Super beat.  I usually take one day a month for myself to lay around and do nothing – no worries, no to-do list, just complete stress free relaxation.  During the storm, I spent about 10 hours over Amy’s house laying around doing nothing, but it’s not the same since I can’t relax knowing that my list of shit to do is growing day by day.

I need to get my head straight, get my shit together.  I need to weld a broken pipe under my car, get an oil change, pay my property taxes, I need ink cartridges…..Basically all the things that I had no time for in the last 54 days.  It’s time to play catch-up.

Cover of

Cover via Amazon

I’m waiting for my first and only client of the day.  At least I hope he’s my only client.  That’s another reason I’m unable to relax.  I constantly have clients up my ass wanting to get in.  Having to always stay on top, ready to answer my phone is not something I’m used to handling.  It takes away from my natural lay-about ways.

Day 54 is doing me in.  I’m supposed to go out to dinner tonight, but what I really need to do is sleep for a week.

All this is for the Camino.  It’s all for the Camino.

My real estate investment mentors want me to read Rich Dad Poor Dad again and get back to them when I’m finished.  A huge portion of my energy is being waisted fretting about not being able to do both the Camino and real estate investing.  It’s a life changing decision to make.  The course of my life hangs unmolded.

If I were reading this as an onlooker, which one would I want to see me do?  Both.  I want to see me accomplish both.

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