90% of people are sociopaths! It’s true, there was a study.

Satar Jabar attached to electrical shocking de...

Satar Jabar attached to electrical shocking devices, at Abu Ghraib Prison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know that 90% of the human population can become sociopaths under certain conditions? There are studies done on this subject.

One study had random people playing the role of a teacher and asking a “student” to answer questions. Each time the student got an answer wrong, the teacher would shock them. With each wrong answer, the voltage increased leading up to incredibly painful shocks.

The people acting as teacher heard the students cry out, but did it anyway. 90% of them shocked their student on the most painful voltage allowed. Regardless of age or heart conditions.

Man running the experiment – “Don’t worry, if anything happens to them I’m the one responsible, not you. Please continue asking the questions. This is why you’re here.”

The teachers blindly obeyed. 90% of them did at least.

There was another study done about prisons. A group of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds were randomly separated into two groups – The prisoners and the guards. The guards were given complete power over the prisoners with no rules on how to handle them.

After 36 hours, most of the prisoners had nervous mental breakdowns. They were abused sexually, having to mimic falatio on other inmates. And these people were regular people! Not any history of violence or abuse, just regular people. It’s freaking scary. There was no discernible difference between the guards and the prisoners. They were chosen at random. If the roles were reversed, the same thing would’ve happened.

And the unnecessary torture that took place in Abu Ghraib prison could have happened anywhere, with any law abiding respectable soldier. It wasn’t the soldiers that tortured the prisoners, it was the circumstances they were put in that caused the torture. People are complete idiots. It’s a fact. If anyone were to be handed complete power, without anyone looking over their shoulder, all hell will break loose.

Only 10% of the population has what it takes to be a hero in these situations. This small number astounds me. People are easily persuaded, show no compassion or mercy – they don’t think about it. They see other people doing it, so they assume it’s okay, or that it’s their job.

And in Abu Ghraib, it literally was their job. The prisoners were there in that prison to be “softened up” before questioning. Or interrogating, rather.

These kids were put in charge, taking full control. They had the enemy by the balls (literally). The same people who killed their fellow soldiers and the same people who would shoot them in a heartbeat, they had them. Paybacks a bitch, right?

There was also a mentally challenged prisoner who’d cover himself with shit everyday. What the hell was he doing there? They called him Shit Man.

It’s ridiculous to assume that nothing bad would happen – complete lunacy to think those prisoners wouldn’t be tortured. The hero of the story turned out to be a low-level private who witnessed the abuse and reported it. He’s in the 10% hero category. As for the other kids, I don’t believe they are bad, just stupid idiots that can’t think for themselves. They thought what they were doing was okay. Maybe retribution even.

Humanity has always been like this. That’s why we’re here, to learn how to be better souls and to inch our way closer to the creator. It’s nobody’s fault for being bad. It’s only their fault for not learning from it.

When I first learned about the holocaust, I was baffled and could not comprehend how all those soldiers could be evil. All the Germans slaughtered the Jews is what I was taught. Really? All Germans are killers? But I’m German!

Racial profiling corrupted Hitler and started his genocide “cleansing”. He swayed everyone into taking his side because he used logic and reasoning that everyone related to. He turned those malleable 90% into killers. It could have happened here in the states, and if no one learned from it, it could very well happen again. Even in Canada. All it takes is one loud mouth know-it-all to herd the cattle.

I never buy into anything. Even electoral candidates running for president – they say this and that, flashy feel-good statements. They start herding the cattle straight-away before even having done anything! People get bright-eyed optimistic thinking something good is finally happening. They are so dumb. People are dumb dumb dumb.

When Obama ran for president the first time, all my friends, every single last one of them became enamored by his honeyed words. But that’s all they were – words! I shrugged my shoulders and could care less what he was saying to win the people. Words mean nothing to me (besides what I write in here, lol).

The only way for a candidate to earn my respect is to have actually done something already. Something real, great and tangible. George W Bush went to Yale and his father was president. Right off the bat you know he was privileged. It’s like handing down the thrown to the first born son – now you know that kids going to have issues. People need to know struggle. Really know it to understand it. If they don’t know it, they will continue down the path of destroying others.

People who are ignorant of their actions need someone to show them what it’s like to walk in their shoes. People who are aware of their actions and do it anyway, those are the sociopaths. And they account for 90% of us. All this can be remedied with compassion and to know compassion, you must know suffering. That’s why we’re here killing ourselves. We’ll keep the cycle going until the breaking point hits and everyone realizes. From what I see in my era, it’s still a long way off.

Everybody in all the world is the same. Same people everywhere, just under different circumstances. Race or religion doesn’t make you a killer, or a robber, a deadbeat, a druggie or a suicide bomber. It’s circumstances that create people. 90% of us let circumstances define us, while only 10% define themselves.

90% of us would not do the right thing. 90% of us do what we’re told, no questions asked, no right or wrong, no imagination, no creativity. Just a drop of water in a wave carrying millions. 90% are weak with no backbone, just an unwavering desire to fit in and belong to the “winning” side. But there is no winning side. They are the same. People choose to participate in this grand illusion because they can’t let themselves let go. When the wave crashes, everything gets washed away.

They can’t let go of their fear.

I’m waiting for my fifth client to arrive. I’ve been writing this post intermittently through-out the day. And guess what? I finally bought a desk for in here! Target, $100 bucks. Can’t go wrong baby.

Seriously though, people are fools. And I put up with them for the longest time, suffered so much from their idiocy that I finally grew my own backbone. I always had a backbone, but it softened a bit over the years, giving people the benefit.

Okay now this is a tad narcissistic for me to say, but what else is new. But I really think I’m part of that special 10% crowd. I don’t give a fuck who you are, if you’re being an asshole, I’ll call you an asshole.

The major reason I feel I’m a hero is because I have never, not once in my life hurt another human being because everyone else was doing it. Well, there was that one time when I was a teenager and visited the mentally challenged girl at her home (you can read about that here). I knew it was wrong, wanted to leave as soon as I got there, hung back in the shadows and didn’t say one word. Maybe I did say something like, “hey guys come on lets go, this isn’t fun,” but can’t say for sure if I did.

But that was it. I was always the one to stick up for others. It was always me.

And that day I got the shit kicked out of me for trying to break up a fight at a bar. I was 22. Another time when I stopped a bully from teasing all the girls on the playground – he came after me and I stood my ground and beat him up. He kept coming at me and I never flinched.

I never turn my back from a friend getting pushed around. I never ran from a fight even when I was scared shitless.

And the ultimate character defining moment when I was 7 years old. My entire first grade class – every last one of those tiny pint-sized assholes were outside on the playground in a circle pushing back and forth this poor girl, Jennifer, I think her name was. I wrote a whole article about that day here. Short story, I got in the center of the circle and started pushing back. Anytime a little asshole shoved Jennifer, I shoved them right back.

It was a great day in the book of Mel. I was a bad ass little shit and hated every one of those little bastards. Well, not hated, but didn’t understand them and their cruelty.

I’m certain I’m in that 10 percentile. The hero’s. The one’s who do what’s right in the face of adversity. Why am I telling you this? Because it’s my blog and it makes me feel spectacular.

I just massaged the Peruvian genius girl again. She’s also part of the 10% crowd. I can spot them out – the kindreds. We talked the entire session and we have just about everything in common.

I guess I should go home now. It’s past 8pm.

Today was a good day. All my clients were repeat costumers and all awesome people. I’m truly a lucky gal. Life is beautiful. Amen.

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