Happy Changes

Pint of American beer

Pint of American beer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got rid of all the negative people in my life so now things seem a bit boring.  No more gossip, no more anguish.  Just me.  Just me and my life.  It may take some getting used to.

I also stopped going out and drinking as much.  The last time I went out drinking was Saturday and it seems like forever ago.  It’s only been 6 days.  And that was the last day of the drama.

I love beer.  Absolutely love it.  I would drink it on any occasion.  From baptisms to boogie boarding, I always have a can in my hand.   But I’m also doing okay without it.  I don’t need it, but I do love it.

My life has changed drastically over the course of these passed few weeks.

Not too long ago I was a poor girl with no ambition.  I waitressed and drank like a fish every night.  Then I worked for Massage Envy, and still I drank like a fish with no ambition – a fish not knowing she’s wet.

I drink to cope with the idiots.

“Okay, so you want to hang out with me?  Got any beer?  I can’t just sit there wittling the hours away listening to the woe’s of your life.  I got my own woe’s, but you take no interest in those.  So give me beer and I’ll sit and I’ll listen and I’ll be nice, I promise.”

Beer let’s me acquiesce.

But now without beer and without idiots, all I’m left with is me and my ambitions.  It’s the first time in my life that I feel I have time to actually achieve something, anything!  I can learn a new language, learn the piano.  My talents are limitless.  Honestly, not saying this to be high on myself or anything, but I’m down-right good at everything I put my heart into.  My body is even amazing!  I hiked up the Himalayas’ with only altitude symptoms to deal with – once I was down the mountain, I was jauntily traipsing away.

But what do I write about?  In the past I mostly wrote about how what a lush I am, small gripes dealing with work, how other people’s actions affected me personally.  But now I’m no longer a lush, I have no gripes about work (only that I’m wicked busy) and the idiot people that let their character flaws affect me personally – are no longer in my life.

And I still have a ton of friends!  Good friends too.  The one’s with talent, intelligence and not an evil bone in them – and they love me to pieces.

My entire life will change.  This is a new blog and a new life.  I just hope I don’t get bored and start making up my own drama.  Then I’ll become like one of those idiots.

Do I start blogging about my success?  That seems pompous and arrogant, but what else is new?  I’m a freaking writer for christsake.

Okay, I’ll do it.  I’ll blog about my little business.  Last night I made my very first money roll.  A money roll is a wad of cash that needs to be rolled up and held in place with an elastic.  This is day 42, and I already managed to save $1,545 in cold hard cash.

A smart person who thinks inside the American Box dream, would start stashing money away for a house or shiny new car – some type of money making investment perhaps.  But I want to walk the Camino instead.  500 miles using my feet as my sole vehicle. Dumb idea for a vagabond massage therapist?  Maybe for you it’s dumb.  But for me, it’s magic.  It’s something not everyone can do, or want to do. It’s the part in me that makes me so awesome.

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