What does the spider eat?


truth (Photo credit: Erick-Pardus)

I like to keep an open mind.  I have the ability to see the world through others eyes.  Not everyone can do this.  It’s hard to keep my mind straight when it’s being pulled in all directions.  When I ask the question, How do I keep it all together?  Strength comes to mind.  I have to be an elastic.

How do I know what to believe?  I know nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I’m a massage therapist, but I have no idea how to give a massage.

We are all at different places, different perspectives, and not one of them is wrong as long as it’s your own truth.  And I see that plainly.  I hear others.

In the spirit world, there is only one truth.  Here in this physical world, there are many.  There are the truths felt in the small mind, and there are truth’s felt in the higher mind – they are all real.

I like to step back from myself and take in the view.  Who am I?  What am I doing?  Am I crazy?  And what the hell does that spider eat?  He lives in my shower!

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