Hey blog…

Hello my dear old lettered friend, my cup of worded tea

It’s been a while since we last spoke

Not one month, not two but three.

You’re the origin that started my art

that nobody reads or gives a fart

for in the end it’s all exhaust

of thoughts unveiled but long been lost

to this hazy monstrosity, 

cybernetic electric fuzz city.

We are all human

Organic and real

Using our souls to reach further to feel.

To you I bequeath my thoughts and my heart

to the few of you out there who

give more than a fart

Hello old blog!  Oh I missed you so much I love you come here you – MUAH!

I can no longer resist the temptation of fornicating with your blank stares.  I shall defile your chastity once again with my long, hard, gargantuan vocabulary!  Do you like what you see?  *Wink wink* you know that you do.  Come on now say that you missed me, go on, say it!  I’m talking to all those people out there who found this blog using DICK in their search terms.  Yeah that’s you buddy.  Don’t try to hide it.  You missed me, right?

Listen here, I don’t care how you found me.  All that I care about is that you’re here reading this.  My life online.  Unfortunately, there are no dicks to be found here on this PG rated site.  Only the writer herself who’s on the other side of your screen can be seen as sort of “dicky.”

Today Melanie’s little life online got hit on over 60 times and it’s not even 3 pm.  It’s 2:35 pm.  All the while my other blog only got 10.  Ten!  I’m sorry but I have to come back here.  I don’t care if the haters keep hating and reading – screw em’, I do what I want.  Besides, a few of them found my other blog anyway.  There’s just no running from these people.

I’ve compiled quite a few new posts over at my other domain.  The question is; how do I get them over here without causing a ruckus?  I have 65 followers of Melanie’s Life Online and each time I post, I show up in their reader or they get an email.  It wouldn’t be nice of me to transfer them all at once, so I decided to transfer one post a day until I catch up.

One post a day, yes, that’s reasonable.  The fun starts tomorrow!

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