I Hope You’re all Happy (said in a disgruntled way)

An ex-friend told L (the girl who slept with my ex-boyfriend while I was there to hear her moans [Yes she was moaning!])  they told her that I was writing shit about her in my blog.  This is a small example of who these people are.  They are ruthless and vengeful and will not stop until they see me dead and buried.  L never read my blog in her life, but after hearing that I posted shit, dug in her claws.  She didn’t like what she read.

I was being honest.  Everything was true!  TRUE TRUE TRUE!  She responded back by saying not to post stuff at the expense of others and that she’s a mother and a professional and to not publish it.  Then fucking act like a mother and a professional so you won’t have to hear hurtful truths.  It hurts to hear, but I’m right!

She had sex with him while I was THERE.  Do you have any idea how painful it was listening to something like that?  I don’t give a shit if I ever see these people again.  Everyone’s reading this, yay for everyone!  You can all suck monkey balls!

After reading my blog, L went and told Dave I was writing shit about him. These people are ruthless.  They don’t care who they hurt.  Haven’t they put me through enough hell?

So Dave found the link to my site which I’m pretty sure was given to him, and read everything.

I’m not apologizing to anyone.  My blog is anonymous.  I wanted everyone to stop invading my privacy and to stop reading it, but they didn’t.  Everything I write here is factual – REAL and HONEST, so nobody should have to “forgive” me for writing it.  They can’t forgive me because I’m not sorry!  If they still want to be my friend, they all have to grow up and own up.  Act like actual human beings carrying around godly souls instead of their unwavering meanness.  How can people live with themselves?  How can they treat a bleeding heart (me) like scum?  Not even scum, just an unmaterialized substance like I don’t exist.  Why can’t they see it?  Why’s it only me that see’s people?

All I’ve been saying to everyone is “I’m sorry, Oh I’m really sorry.”  I’m sick of apologizing.  I’m not kissing anyone’s ass anymore.  When I apologize, that’s like saying I was wrong.  But I’m not wrong.  I know I’m not wrong.

People are completely insane.  I look around me and all I see are grabby people.  Grabbing and clawing at me one minute and spitting on me the next.  Who are these fucking people?  Who the hell are they?

And what did I ever do?  I always try to do what’s right.  Always.  People are so damaged.  It kills me to witness it.  And I bend over, take it up the ass and say “I’m sorry.”

You can all shove it.  Work out your problems using someone else, I’m done taking it.

I feel like a maestro with a wand in my hand – orchestrating a symphony of Angry Melanie Haters.  The Angry Mob Melanie Haters – music to my ears.  Sing, bitch, moan, wail, throw stuff, leave me to die – leaving me to die is when the fat lady sings.




Everything was fine, I was forgiving and understanding.  But now after hearing them wanting me to apologize, no fucking way.  Fuuuck that.

I’m retiring this blog.  It’s gone too public now.  I’m starting over with a new one.  So all you assholes can’t read it anymore.  I’m dropping all my followers, starting my stats back to zero.  I hope you’re all satisfied with yourself.

Don’t try to find me cause you won’t.

Hope you enjoyed this shit show.

On a completely unrelated note, I massaged Mike Hunt the other day.  True story.


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19 responses to “I Hope You’re all Happy (said in a disgruntled way)

  1. Hate to see you go because of haters, but I don’t blame you for telling them to suck monkey balls–not in the slightest. That’s why the like. Because people like L really should expect to be told to go to the zoo and, well, you know. But keep in mind, people like that would probably enjoy it anyway being the freaks they are.

  2. R.B.

    I don’t understand…how did they invade your privacy by reading your blog? How is the blog anonymous? It’s open to the world and your’s and others pictures are all over it – its very name states that your life is online. Your old friends used to read it all the time, and make comments, it wasn’t anonymous then. It doesn’t take a private detective to realize that you’re a massage therapist in Chesire, CT, used to work at Massage Envy and now have your own practice. I was surprised to hear this dude Dave never read it or had the link. You told intimate stories about him and put his picture on the blog for the world to see. If I were Dave, I would say you were invading my privacy, not the other way around if I happen to read the blog. Maybe I don’t understand the rules of blogging, please educate.

    • I’m moving my blog somewhere else so they can’t read it anymore. I didn’t mind them reading it before, but now these people are like vultures picking at a carcass and tossing the guts around to each other. I am that carcass. It’s the price I pay for keeping a blog.

      I posted pics because we were friends back then. How was I supposed to know things would turn out the way they did? Why are you asking me to state the obvious?

      I’m in no way invading anyones privacy. It’s my own blog, my own space. No one has to listen to what I say or believe any of it. This is my sanctuary. And everyone can form their own opinions.

      Having a blog usually means posting thoughts and opinions. These are my thoughts and opinions.

      If you meet Dave, you’re free to make up you’re own mind about him. Let him date your daughters. He’s nice, really.

      Who cares what I say anyway? It’s no different than posting truthful comments on his FB page for all his friends to see. At least here it’s far from anyone’s reach.

      There are over 56,000,000 WordPress blogs alone in the world. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. It’s anonymous. Do you know any of my friends last names or where they live? What they do? And as for me, do you even have a clue as to how many massage envy’s there are out there? Let alone therapists living in Cheshire?

      They disrespected me horribly. I asked them to at least stop reading my blog – a small token of a little respect at least, but no. So fuck it. They asked for it.

      And I’m moving it someplace else.

      Rules of blogging? There are rules? Freedom of speech baby yeah!

      If you wrote a blog dedicated to me good or bad I would be honored someone spent so much time and effort to put into me. No one has to listen to or believe you. Besides, no one has any shit on me cause my conscience is clean.

      If I do wrong, I’d admit to it but here I’ve done nothing. Absolutely nothing.

      Wow you spent a lot of time looking thru my old posts to find the smallest identifying marks. It makes me feel interesting 🙂

      Great writing causes much controversy so I guess I’m one of the greats now lol.

  3. R.B.

    Hey Melanie, I am sorry. I have followed your blog for several years, I didn’t just read through old posts to find details. But you are right, you are interesting, or I wouldn’t have followed it for these years. I would be sad to see it go. And sure, anyone can tell that your friends would comment. You would write an entertaining story, such as the Savannah trip with “so and so” and “so and so” and then those same people would leave a reply agreeing how much fun you had. That’s just an example and that’s the only way I would know. While you are right, the blog *is* anonymous to strangers like me – I never have nor ever will meet you – but it clearly isn’t anonymous to the entire world. Unless you are giving your acquaintances pseudonyms, you are posting pictures of “Dave” and saying, “Here’s Dave doing this, or that, etc”. Dave seems like a fine guy, I’m not saying anything about him, and maybe he couldn’t care less that you blogged about him. But my only point is, he might care, and he’d have a right to be upset if he stumbled upon (or was led to) the blog. I can’t imagine stumbling upon a blog open to the world, made by one of my friends, with my pictures in it and my sexual and drinking escapades in there, that I had no idea about. I might be flattered, but I might react like “L” did (btw, why are some people anonymously referred to with just the initial, and others you post the full name?) L has just as much right to be upset with what you wrote as you had to write what you wrote.

    I guess what prompted me to leave my first reply was that I was just wondering about the line you wrote above: “I wanted everyone to stop invading my privacy and to stop reading it, but they didn’t.” I was reacting to that, and was truly surprised when you wrote that Dave got the link and read through it, meaning that he didn’t know it existed.

    You are right about everything you say about blogging: freedom of speech, posting thoughts and opinions, the thousands of WordPress blogs on the internet, etc. I’m just saying, for this very reason – the fact that it’s online and anyone could stumble upon it (which isn’t that what you want?) – I don’t think you can have an expectation that certain people shouldn’t read it, and that if they did, it would invade your privacy. It’s not a diary that you lend to certain people to read. That’s all. Good luck blogging at your new location.

    • Ha you lie! You’re not a follower of my blog. You haven’t read it in your life until recently. WordPress tells me who all my followers are and you sir, are not one of them. So last night I did some detective work on you and I saw that you were in New Britain CT on your cell phone, pouring over all my old posts finding “evidence” against me. New Britain has never popped up in my Feedjit before Dave found out about my blog, nor has anyone taken an interest in clicking on link after link rummaging around in my old posts – that NEVER happens. Shortly after you gathered your “evidence” on your cell phone, you went to a computer – yours or someone else’s, I don’t know. You were in or around Manchester CT on an Apple computer and typed in my website into our browser to get to my site. There were no search terms used to find me, and no referrers, so you directly typed in my link – hence another proof that you’re not an email subscriber or wordpress follower.

      And even if you HAD been following me for years, I hardly ever see a Mac computer from Manchester scoping me out. And if you HAD been following me for years, why’s this the first time commenting? And why all a sudden are you softening your tune in your last comment? “Hate to see me go?” HA!

      You can’t win this one buddy, sorry. People who lie and are vengeful never turn out looking like the good guy.

      People who follow blogs do it because they like the writer and can relate to her, and followers of blogs know that personal shit is on display and would never leave a comment that says otherwise. You’re first comment was crass, an any idiot can see I upset you. Your next comment is completely contradictory because you know that I know a random person would never invest so much time into a subject that doesn’t affect them personally, so you changed your tune.

      I wanted everyone to give me a little space and show a small kindness to me by not stalking me on my blog. They couldn’t do it. They have every right to read it, it’s there for everyone, but I had to ask them because they were ripping it apart just like you’re doing now.

      You are part of the Angry Mob of Melanie Haters. And you people don’t stop do you? You just keep coming at me from all angles.

      Listen pal, everything I write here is true. Therefore I can never be accused of defamation. How about this thought? Why doesn’t everyone stop doing fucked up shit so that way I’ll have nothing bad to write about them. What goes around comes around. If they don’t like what they read, they should change themselves.

      My blog has power and a voice, so it pisses off the Angry Mob of Melanie Haters, such as yourself. But there’s not a damn thing you can do about it, so stop waisting your time. And you people need to leave me the fuck alone. Please.

      • And your comment about Dave being a swell guy is completely contradictory! You were somehow able to form your own opinion about him regardless of what I written here. Therefore making it out to sound like, what I write doesnt’ matter. Cause you know what? It doesn’t! This is pointless. I have to go to work now dammit.

        • Oh and I just thought of something else! Most of what I written about Dave could have also been found in public records such as the police blotter. If he actually got caught by the law or caused harm to people that is. He could have been in there for motor vehicle violations, involuntary manslaughter, motorcycle accidents and such – god forbid any of those things happen in the future. And they report everyday in the newspaper regardless if the defendant is found guilty or not – and they don’t mess around in the police blotter. They list age, race, full name, address. Does my blog do that? No, not even close! And is the police blotter a violation of privacy? Only to those who have shit to hide it does.

          So yeah, sorry to piss on your cupcake and all. And I really am sorry if this is actually Dave. You weren’t supposed to read my blog. It was wrong for people to give you the link because of this shit.

  4. R.B.

    This isn’t Dave, just some poor sap who stumbled onto the blog. Sorry to cause so many issues. You win, I’ll stop now. I really did think the blog and your “lifeonline” was interesting. Sorry to be a jerk with my comments.

  5. R.B.

    That’s why I love your blog. Your humor is priceless. Even when you ranted above, your joke at the end with who you massaged (Mike Hunt) was LOL funny. I truly am sorry about causing you to be angry, it made me angry at myself all day.

    • Oh no don’t worry about it, really. It’s just that I been through hell and back since the beginning of March this year, so I’m a little touchy about certain things. I’m constantly feeling like people are chasing me with pitch forks and torches. It’s a hard feeling to shake.

  6. Steph

    Holy shit balls!! I leave the country for 4 days and all hell breaks loose!!!😪

  7. Jenni

    Not sure if you still monitor the comments to this site, but I stumbled upon your blog googling a “was I too drunk last night” question for my roommate. I absolutely love your blog. You’re so clever!! I wish I had been following it from day one but now going back and looking at past posts makes me feel like a weird internet stalker. All the best!

    • Hi there! I come back here and visit now and again to check up on things. I miss it here, I get so many hits from random search engines and I don’t get any at my new place. I’ll email you my new blog. Just to warn you, there has been a massive post explosion over these past few months. There’s so much crap to read now that it may be too overwhelming and not fun. See you on the other side!

  8. Ava

    Please email me your new blog site… now that I found you, I would like to continue to enjoy the journey. Hope you are as well. Best, Ava

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