My Pilgrimage Starts

They say that the moment you decide to go on a pilgrimage is in the same moment it begins.  Mine is officially underway.  I have to resist the temptation of bars, drugs and oblivion so I can move forward and stay on path.  I won’t be lost forever.

I’ve been looking around to rent an office so I can start my own business and I finally settled for something quaint and simple near a popular lake in CT.

It’s almost too good to be true. 

A sweet little old man showed me a few vacant rooms and I picked one with a window for only $350 a month.  It’s in an old building with lots of paintings hanging on the walls like in  a museum.  There’s a little old dog that waddles around the halls unaccompanied and a nice receptionist who answers my calls and passes them to my office extension.  She even answers the phone with “Massage By Melanie.” Plus I get a janitor, someone to vacuum and take out the trash.  Free heat and air-conditioning.  The old man also threw in a bookcase and a swivel chair.

Everything about this place is old and classic.  There’s also a guy there teaching guitar lessons so I might take him up on that, maybe barter with massages.

It’s long and narrow, not very big.  But I don’t need a lot of space for what I’ll be doing. 

It’s a start anyway.  Something different.  I really did pick myself a nice career after all.  I mean seriously, what other profession can get away with such low overhead, all profit and very little work?  It’s perfect for me!

There’s another massage therapist that works there with a bigger, better office than mine, but she doesn’t even have a website.  My website will be my bread and butter in order for this to work.  I need it for Groupon and Living Social, yelp and google maps.  Websites are everything these days.

I really love my window.

This is where I’ll be eating lunch:

They have a kitchen area, but I like this much better.  They also have a shower, so I can practically live there if I wanted.

The important thing is, I won’t have to work for anybody else ever again.  I can come and go as I please.  This feeling I have is like Christmas morning and I’m just beginning to wake up.

Every last cent I make from this venture is going into my vacation fund.  Not necessarily a vacation, but a trip.  My life is never going to be like it was.  I’m putting an end to this melancholy madness! 

I’m going on a motorcycle trip tomorrow.  I’ll be gone Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Dave’s taking me to Laconia New Hampshire for motorcycle week.  We are driving up with his dad and two other guys, like in a real biker gang.  I’m packed and ready.  I can relax.  I can relax knowing that my business is underway and I have a plan.  I’m not floating anymore.  Until next week when I’ll be falling out of the sky.

Time goes by way too fast when I’m blogging.

Here’s a link to Laconia Motorcycle week.  It’s supposedly a big deal.


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