More hate from my friends

Yup. Didn't even brush my hair all day... 269/365

Yup. Didn’t even brush my hair all day… 269/365 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was totally drunk and wretchedly tired when I wrote that last post.  But I woke up today and re-read it and it still makes sense to me.

My life is a wreck, I’m a wreck because of people.  I told one of my ex-friends to defriend me on facebook so I won’t see all the places I’m not invited to and what does she do?  She keeps me as a friend and then invites people (not me) to a museum party – MY museum!  I used to work there and loved it and went to all the theme parties every three months and now she’s taken my museum parties away from me too!  People are deplorable.

I’m sitting in work.  I just folded about 10 loads of laundry, written out a bunch of thank-you cards, filed some shit, answered phones and guess what?  I did it all for free!

My ex-friend says she’ll talk to me but not until next week.  If she’s willing to talk, I want to do it now to end this torment, but no.  She says next week because she doesn’t have time for me right now.  She refused to talk to me yesterday even though I was practically begging – she was hanging out with K instead (the girl who left me in Nepal).  That’s the kind of friends I have.  I was drunk so kept texting her and bothering her purposely to piss her off, plus I needed answers as to why she’s doing this to me.

She wants me to go a baby shower on Sunday with my tormented emotions and expect me to be chipper to everyone there.  She wants to talk to me after the baby shower.  “Sometime next week” she said.  It makes me so upset, so sad and so frustrated to be treated like I don’t matter.  Clearly I don’t matter.

People are horrible and will brain fuck me till the day I die.

I hate sitting here.

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