Ode to 30 Rock

Jenna Maroney

I’m Drunk as hell,

Eating chicken soup

Watching 30 Rock

Then maybe the Kung Fu movie, Ong-Bak

I laugh so hard

Tears run down my leg

I think tonight

I drank an entire beer keg

I slept with a married man

We did it on the floor

Liz Lemon would proclaim,

“Holy hammer of Thor!”

And now here I am

on the inter-web

Blogging the evil ewoks

out of my head

I lay here alone

Just me and my blog

Alone in my room

Writing this melodious glob

I taken two naps

One in the noon-time

And evening

Before my perilous

binge drinking

And now I’m warm and snug

Sipping chai tea

Laughing at the insecurities of

Jenna Maroney

30 Rock rules

It kicks my gloomy blues

Lets me forgive my adultery

And escape

For a little while


Grotesque carnival

Of human misery

As chai tea dribbles down my chin

Laughing at Jack Donaghy



Filed under humor, Odes

2 responses to “Ode to 30 Rock

  1. Love that show! Love your blog! Finally some comedy in a blog!


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