A little about last night…..

Cover of "Superbad (Unrated Widescreen Ed...

Cover of Superbad (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

I’m sitting at the massage clinic tired and hungover as usual.

My mother packed my lunch.  I taken it with me and now I’m sitting here at the computer.  I ate yet another helping of pasta primavera for breakfast.  My brain feels like buttery pasta sliding over itself and into a wild kaleidoscope of nonsense.

I hung out with Kristie yesterday.  I was so tired, but still dragged myself out and met her and her friend, Ania, at Starbucks.  ‘Yay a break from alcohol finally.’  I’m quickly learning that I’m not an alcoholic even when I try.  I fail at alcoholism and partying because I’d rather snuggle up with a cup of chai and watch 30 Rock episodes on Netflix.  Watching 30 Rock is like slipping naked into a silk snuggie – you wiggle around and giggle because it feels so good.  I would’ve said it’s like sex, but I forgot what it’s like.

After Starbucks we met Dave at Wood N’ Tap for dinner.  I ordered the ahi tuna salad like always, and nursed a blue moon.  The beer didn’t go down easy – no alcoholic beverage would.  I had my fill of drink.  I’m a sober lush.

Kristie and Dave are no longer dating, so we were just three friends hanging out.  But now that Kristie has joined our duo, Dave’s affections are dispersed.  I’m starting to get hit on again by random men.  One of them being this guy:

He looks like McLovin from Super Bad.  He’s 27, about 98 pounds, works third shift stocking shelves at a grocery store and lives with his parents.  He hovered over me when I added him to facebook – you know, to make sure I did it correctly.

I was going with the flow, sitting back, eyes half open, listening to people sing karaoke.  Dave and Kristie taking pic’s with my phone.

I sang Salt and Pepa because they’re my go-to band when I’m too tired to sing anything else.

I had fun, danced, and by the end of the night, another guy approached me.

He looked like this:

ugly guy

Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get the gist.

Him – “This is not a line, but I swear you are the most gorgeous woman in here.”

“Red alert creeper” bellowed in my bowels, but I ignored it and happily taken the compliment.

Flashing my pearly whites I say – “Aw that’s sweet.  That’s really nice of you to say.  I actually…..”

Ugly guy – “Do you sky dive?  I can take you.”

Me – “I never went but always wanted to go.  It’s funny you should ment…..”

Ugly guy – “How about us go out for a nice steak dinner?”

Me – “Oh well that’s nice, but I don’t date.”

Ugly guy – “Just as friends.  You’re just so beautiful, I’ll love to treat you.”

That’s when McLovin cut in between us telling me he was leaving and if he could get a hug.  So I hugged him.

Ugly guy – “Can I get a hug too?”


Me – “Sure…..”

He lingered and held me tight until I lightly pushed him away.

Ugly guy – “You like going to the spa?  I’ll treat you to a nice spa.”

Me – “Oh that’s okay, really.  I’m not much of a spa girl.”

Ugly guy – “That was a nice hug.  Can I get another?”

He held out his hand and I gave him a low-five instead.

Me – “Next time.”

And ran off to get in Kristie’s car where her and Dave were waiting.

This is why I hang out with Dave, he keeps the creepers away.  Not just the creepers, but all guys.  I don’t like getting hit on, it’s annoying.  And now it’s starting again dammit.

I just got off the phone with my super best friend Stephanie.  She’s awesome, really really awesome.  She talked some sense into me and now I’m apologizing to people.  My friends don’t hate me as it turns out.  Well, probably K does, but I’m okay with it.  She can hate me and I’ll still be okay.

It’s 6:37 pm and I’m still sitting in work.  I was going to meet a guy out for a drink, but I’m not sure if it’s happening or not.  I met him a few days ago and he actually seemed nice and normal and cute, but turned out to be married.  Of course I would never do anything with a married man (I don’t do anything with anyone, period), but told him I’d be around if he ever needed to talk.

We sat in my car after the bar closed and talked.

Him – “It’s like as soon as I got married, I hopped on a train.  And I can see straight ahead where that train is going and it’s going there whether I want it to or not.  And everything is passing me by.”

This is why I don’t want to get married.  If the love fades, you’re pretty  much screwed.

I’m tired, my nose is running.  I was also supposed to go to a Lia Sophia party but completely forgot until now.  Sorry.

I think I’ll go home and throw on some clean pajama’s, sip some chai tea and watch 30 Rock.  Maybe play my video game a little.  Oh, and strip my bed down so I can put on some crisp clean bed sheets!  Nothing feels better than to lay around watching tv between a fresh set of linen.


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