Time for my daily rant

Act of giving the finger.

Act of giving the finger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I taken karate classes starting when I was 9 years old all the way up till I was 16 and one of my instructors was a cop from my hometown.  I will call this cop Officer N.  Officer N became a family friend.  My brother also taken karate classes before me, so this guy has known my family for years.

About 13 or 14 years ago, I was driving down a street near my house when out of nowhere a car pulls out in front of me.  I had to slam on my breaks to stop myself from T-boning him.  My adrenalin kicked on so I instinctively flipped him off – it was the one and only time I’ve ever done that.

As my middle finger lingered in the air, I got my first good look at the culprits face.  He was no more than 10 yards away and had his window rolled down.  He had a thick cop mustache and big cop glasses – “Oh shit that’s Officer N!”

Well, it may have been, but I’m still not sure.

My finger pissed him off so much so that he started chasing after me.  I was a dumb 18-19 year old with a fresh license, stuck in a high pursuit chase thru my little town of Cheshire.  My heart raced, I was trembling – but at the same time I kinda liked it.  I was never really scared of him catching me, I knew he couldn’t – I just knew.  And besides, what could he have done to me?  Bump my bumper and beep?  Or get out of his car and pummel me with a bat?  Pshhh, yah right.

I had no fear of driving at that age so I easily maneuvered my way in and out of cars, creating my own lanes and even running red lights.  I finally lost him when I pulled into the Watch Factory outlets and parked.  I slouched down in the seat of my 1988 Z-24 piece of shit car.

Okay so back to present time.

I’m sitting in work yesterday, at the massage clinic, and I get a phone call from none other than Officer N wanting to get in for a massage.  I haven’t seen him in about 17 years.  I’m to give him a massage tomorrow.


I sat in work yesterday and he was the only phone call during the four hours I was sitting for free – for free!  This is my brothers fiance’s business.  That’s why I do it.  Then she texted me asking to swing by her house to let out their three big dogs.  But I don’t live anywhere near them!

They did this to me last year.  Asking me to let out the dogs and to house-sit for them at least once a week if not more – and I did it.  I did it because I didn’t think they would take advantage of me by asking so much – it pissed me off.  So I told her no, I won’t let out her dogs and now my parents are hounding me about it like I’m the bad guy.

Also my Mom is telling me not to open my own business because “times are tough and there wouldn’t be any clients.”  When really she just wants me to stay here working for M, my bro’s fiancé.

Me – “So I shouldn’t follow my dreams and be successful?”

Mom – “I’m not saying that, just that there are so many spa’s out there now.  You won’t get anyone.”

My own mother doesn’t believe in me and I’m a bitch for not letting the dogs out.

Shit….Sorry, just had to rant.

I’m bored.  And a bit hungover.

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