Nooooooooo! No.


I’m sitting in work and doing absolutely nothing. I been here since 11 A.M and received not one phone call for a massage – NOT ONE! And it’s 3:48 now so that’s how many hours I been sitting here? One, two…..holy crap! I’ve been here for nearly five hours!

This is what I was worried about when I left Massage Envy. This is my first day back working here after a two year hiatus and already the anxiety is settling in. I want to smoke and drink and get lost in a mob of people. Anything to escape the drag of having no clients. No clients = No money and a horrible realization that I’m going to be stuck at home living with my parents for the rest of eternity. What’s a girl to do? Seriously, what am I going to do……..?

My coworker just left. She’ll be back in an hour and told me I can go home if I like. Yes I would like. I would like very much. So why is it that I’m still here blogging?

If I go home I’m going to want to take a nap. And if I nap, I’m not going to wake up until nighttime and if that’s the case, jet lag will once again reign over me.

I woke up at 3:30 A.M today because I taken a “nap” at 6 P.M. yesterday. I ended up sleeping from 6 P.M to 3:30 A.M. How does one accomplish such a feat? My friend wanted to go see The Hunger Games, but I slept through my alarm. My other friend wanted to meet up for a drink, and I slept through that.

Besides, I don’t have any money for movies and drinks anymore. Wow I’m depressed. Being here depresses me. The only people who call here are Wells Fargo bank people wanting to collect money. I want to tell the bank people to book an appointment with us so we can pay them their damn stinking money.

Dave wants to meet for a drink. I hate it how much I love to drink in times like these. These desperate times of mine keep compiling. They keep adding up, stealing my sunshine. Stealing my happy. Stealing my soul. My soul? Really Mel?

It’s only my first day back at this particular job and already I want to look for another one. But this business belongs to my brother’s fiancé and I promised her I would help her out. Shit I’m in a pickle. A pickle indeed.

Little Miss Mel Rose

Sat contemplating job woe’s

While sipping her Earl Grey tea

Her mind half asleep

Her future looking bleak

And…..I can’t think of the last part. Dave’s on his way, so I gotta go.

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